Posted by Maggie Lever, July 22, 2016


For the second year running, The Drake has partnered with the Wayhome Music and Arts Festival to deliver an unreal V.I.P. experience like none other. This year, not only do we bring you three original restaurant concepts: Drake Chinatown, Sneaky Tee's, and Drake Diner, but #DrakeArt has taken over to deliver a visceral trip in the form of dope art from both local + international artists.

VIDEOMANCY (comprised of Vanessa B. Rieger + Brandon Dalmer) is a video installation pair whose work is currently projecting on the VIP barn walls at WayHome Music + Arts Festival. As a dynamic duo, Rieger and Dalmer combine their wide-ranging talents to create experiential video projections and immersive installations. Using their background producing visuals for bands, Rieger’s talents as a trained carpenter + experience with art installation and Dalmer’s programming + A/V tech abilities, these two create something truly extraordinary.


Vanessa B. Rieger is a multi-disciplinary Torontonian artist whose work ranges from painting to generating band visuals that act as a backdrop to musical performances. In combination, painting, carpentry, set construction and video come together to create, as she puts it, “an immersive art experience that people can feel a part of.”

Brandon Dalmer is a Calgary born, Toronto based artist with an equally large range of talents including video and painting. Currently creating installation based works of rooms or street scenes that together create a narrative for the viewer to decipher. This is also the conceptual basis of some of his video works as well.

Together they form VIDEOMANCY, the name referring to “the art of divination through video and film, or video as a means of creating narrative and rediscovering secrets.” Having initially met by fluke in Calgary in a backyard garage art show, only to be reunited as studiomates 2 years later. At this stage they began collaborating to make experiences for their audience.


Longwinter Vol. 4.4, 2016

Inspired by everything from Star Trek to horror movies, they recreate effects that are recognizable in new ways, combining the nostalgia of analog video footage with more modern technology and software. At WayHome, VIDEOMANCY will create a light and video experience that becomes synthesised with the live music at the festival. Using video projections seen through the barn window, behind frosted film, and lights that are directed by Dalmer and Rieger to sync with the music being heard, this installation will enhance the concert and vice versa.

As they describe it as “psychedelic” and using the barn as almost a “space cathedral, or interstellar portal into another dimension”, the duo will act as VJs controlling the responsive light show and projections to create an experience for the audience. Wanting to create contrast between the video projections and the lights transitioning between different colours there will be a theatrical effect, or as Rieger described it “life in an inanimate object.” While also displaying live videos from the various stages at the WayHome music festival, VIDEOMANCY’s installation will use projection mapping software to create a video collage of their own footage, while playing with the opacity and placement of each layer of video being shown. This show being controlled on site by Rieger and Dalmer will respond and react in the moment to the music and atmosphere of the festival – creating a distinctive experience for the audience.

Want to see VIDEOMANCY for yourself? It's your last chance to snag a V.I.P pass here!

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