Nicole Beno Installs Her Work at WayHome

Posted by Maggie Lever, July 21, 2016

Nicole Beno Wayhome Instillation

For the second year running, The Drake has partnered with the Wayhome Music and Arts Festival to deliver an unreal V.I.P. experience like none other. This year, not only do we bring you three original restaurant concepts: Drake Chinatown, Sneaky Tee's, and Drake Diner, but #DrakeArt has taken over to deliver a visceral trip in the form of dope art from both local + international artists.

Inspired by the fantasy of music, Nicole Beno just installed 4 large scale photo collage pieces inside the barn on the WayHome Festival grounds. Beno is an interdisciplinary designer currently practicing in Kitchener, with a Masters Degree in Graphic Design from York University. Using the form, shapes, and grid from her work as a graphic designer, Beno uses her more abstract and hands-on artistic practice to experiment. She is largely driven by curiosity and the unknown when creating her works of art, which lends itself to the sense of playfulness and fantasy of the works she created for WayHome. Her site-specific piece, DESERT SUN, EARTHY CRUST, JUNGLE, SWAMPY FOREST is a creative, vibrant work that collages elements of nature such as rocks, trees, flowers and plants into four separate artworks, each with distinct themes.

Nicole Beno Wayhome Instillation

As she explains it, “The inspiration came around the idea of creating these inner worlds that are inspired by nature and the natural environment of the festival. I was thinking about capturing 4 different worlds, and how one would see it as amplified by the energy that music gives, creating an imagination or fantasy to the artwork.” Capturing these 4 distinct environments, desert, forest, earth and sea, Beno aimed to depict their essence in a non-literal manner by using recognizable photos that would trigger sensations, while creating access points into a more imaginative, fantasy landscape. These attention-grabbing works complement the fun + vibrant atmosphere of WayHome.

Nicole Beno Wayhome Instillation

Beno’s process also adds to the element of wonder in her work. The lines between what is done sitting on the floor collaging versus digitally in post-production are blurred, making her works even more captivating. Working with her hands, cutting, scanning, and pasting, she develops intricate layers that come togetether to form a sense of atmoshphere. Part of this comes from her thesis, discovering “design as play” while doing her Masters degree. She is drawn to the idea of investigating with materials and form, discovering new outcomes, and the science of how things work. This is evident in her artworks being displayed at WayHome. Using similar elements and form to create unity between all four pieces, these works explore texture and patterns that come across in the large format of her work.

Want to see Nicole Beno's pieces for yourself? It's your last chance to snag a V.I.P pass here!

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