X[OH!] Canada Day at Drake General Store

Posted by Drake, June 30, 2016
DGS Canada Day

Drake General Store's collection of Canadian curiosities celebrates our history, landscape, and tradition through a cool assortment of treasures that you can eat, wear, or decorate your home with.

Join us this Canada Day as we officially open the doors to the Drake General Store's new flagship location on West Queen West (2 Abell Street) that will have three floors to explore, with a strong emphasis on locally made goods that celebrate a Canadian design aesthetic.

In the meantime, here's a small salute to our home and native land:

Mountie Shirt

Mountie Print T-shirt
This unisex, limited edition t-shirt is officially licensed by RCMP and sold exclusively at Drake General Store. Wear your pride!

Maple Syrup

Drake Pantry Bourbon-Infused Maple Syrup, 500ml

Drizzle it on your pancakes or stir it into a summer cocktail – our homemade bourbon-infused maple syrup is the sweetest & stickiest Canadian goodness to ever cross your lips.

Tyvek Luggage

YYZ Tyvek Luggage Tags
Make life at Pearson and abroad easier with these YYZ Tyvek Luggage Tags. Practical and cute.

DGS Canada Pennant

Canada Pennant
A varsity-style felt pennant to rep your country and brighten up any space – whether it be your bedroom or office. Canada proud!

Wellness Gel

1984 Wellness Gel
Refresh + moisturize your face with this eucalyptus wellness gel, named after Canada's first space mission. Crafted in Toronto exclusively for the Drake General Store.

Arborist Canada Day

Arborist Canada Socks
Outfit your feet with our new Arborist Canada Socks featuring adorable mini red maple leafs.


Landscape Yukon Dinner Plate
Perfect for everyday dinners or for special occasions when you’re craving a meal with a spectacular view. Sold individually or as a set of four.


Mountie Thermos
Ideal for hot coffee on the cottage dock or for taking with you on quiet fishing trips. Best enjoyed with a sunrise or loon call.

Etsy Open Call!
We love discovering emerging designers and local artists, which is why we've partnered with Etsy Canada for a special All Canadian Makers Series. Submit your ideas for Canadian souvenirs to the Etsy Open Call for a chance to WIN $1000 + your products on our shelves come January 2017. Contest Opens July 1! Learn more: xohcanada.drakegeneralstore.ca


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