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Posted by Drake, June 16, 2016
Dad's Days w/ the Drake

With Dad’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to shout out to the cool dads who help make The Drake, well…extra cool. Behind the scenes, we’ve got ultra-hip dads around the clock, working hard, playing harder – to keep up with The Drake's happenings, and their kids. Trust us, it’s a full-time job being as hip as The Drake, so we try and help them out a little. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of cool dad essentials to stay trendy in the wake of lame dad jokes, tucked tees + khakis and Home Depot visits. Did we mention we have an entire whisky pantry collection at Drake General Store? There’s even a sour glaze BBQ sauce, inspired by David Lee’s trip to Asia. Yes. Please.

We know you’ve been waiting all week to show your own cool dad how much you care about him, so we thought we’d make it easy for you with sweet Dad's Day treats at all three Drakes. That means, we’re inviting you and your trendy dad to join us for Dad's Day brunch. Take it easy, we’re taking reservations, so feel free to call us in advance to book your dad a table. Awww, how sweet of you.

Now listen up, these Drake Dads are about to give you some tips + tricks to stay hip.


Randall Reashore

What’s brown and sticky? A stick.

Q: What’s the coolest part about being a dad at The Drake?

A: Watching Harold throw stones into the lake at the Devonshire!

General Manager - Drake Devonshire Inn. Father of Harold, 2.


Bill Simpson

You can’t have everything – where would you put it?

Q: Any advice for Drake Dads?

A: Time flies by so fast, (as does Drake Life), so make sure that you take every milestone in your children’s lives + do not let them start bussing tables until they are at least 9…

Chief Development Officer - The Drake. Father of Christopher, 34 + Rachel, 32.


Ted Corrado

How does Darth Vadar like his toast? ON THE DARK SIDE.

Q: Who (dead or alive, fictional or real) would you + your kids invite over for dinner?

A: Rey, from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Over the winter holidays we watched all the old episodes of Star Wars leading up to the latest release which we took their mom, Joanne Capuano (my wife), for her bday in January. The girls fell in love with the series and the character of Rey (#thefutureisfemale). Second choice: their invisible friends.

Corporate Executive Chef - The Drake. Father of Livia, 8 + Naomi, 5.


Dan Wensveen

Have you seen the new movie Constipated? Actually…it hasn’t come out yet.

Q: Advice for new dads?

A: It’s all about support. Give mom a break when she needs it!

Assistant General Manager - Drake One Fifty. Father of Harvey, 8 1/2 weeks.


Carlo Colacci

It’s easier to tickle my kids if I want to get them to laugh, they aren’t into my jokes yet.

Q: Sweetest gift you’ve scored on Father’s Day?

A: I’ve only been a Dad for one Father’s Day, but got an amazing gift. A board book that I read to my kids that highlights “me + them” from when they were born right up to my first Father’s Day. It’ll be hard to top that one this year.

Director - Drake General Store. Father of Milo + Serafina, 20 months.


Adrian Toulman

What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit? – A ba-na-na-na…….

Q: If you and your kid(s) had a theme song, what would it be? Why?

A: We always have a variety of music on at home, mostly Rock n' Roll. All it takes is one fun song to get a dance party going! The Beatles, Penny Lane + Hey Jude are always a favorite and definately the theme songs at home… because we love The Beatles!

Inventory Control Clerk - The Drake Hotel. Father of Penny-Layne, 5 + Jude, 3.

Dad's Day at The Drake

Matt DeMille

He's just so funny he's got "too many dad jokes to list".

Q: If you could create a NEW menu item for your kids, what would it be?

A: Either an insane cheeseburger or the best slice of cheese pizza. Both are Leo's FAVE.

Chef - Drake Devonshire. Father of Leo, 5 + Audrey, 1.

Spend Father’s Day at The Drake:
The Drake Hotel
416.531.5042 x1

Drake One Fifty

Drake Devonshire
Dan from Town Barber will be doing haircuts + hot towel shaves this Father's Day from 11am to 7pm.

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