Drake Scribbles: D Is For The Drake Hotel

Posted by Jen McNeely, June 07, 2016

When Harper Collins released Paul Covello's Toronto ABC in 2014, just about everyone in this city with a baby (or who knew a baby!) scooped up a copy. I know this to be true because that was the year my son was born, and we received FOUR COPIES as gifts from friends and family. When I attempted to re-gift to my friends with kids, they already had their own copies. So yeah, you could say that Covello's first book was a success.

Beyond being really fun to spot Toronto landmarks (favourites in this house include H is for High Park and R is for ROM), Covello's striking illustrative style makes Toronto ABC a coveted coffee table book for anyone who appreciates A+ work in graphic design.

Ever since we kicked off the Drake Scribbles series, which features a wide variety of local illustrators, I've been hopeful that Covello would consider a D is for Drake Hotel. While he's been busy working on his second book, Canada ABC (releasing in September), I'm delighted he was able to find a slice of time to do his version of the Queen West-facing facade of The Drake Hotel. Now, if my two year old ever asks what I do for work, I'll point and discuss Covello's drawing.

Certainly one for the treasury: find a copy of Toronto ABC at Drake General Store.

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Reminder: Highchair Hangouts!
Since we're talking ABCs and babies, here's a cute little reminder that our Highchair Hangouts (weekly meet-up for parents with wee ones) happens every Tuesday from 11am to 4pm and includes a prix fixe menu with organic fruit + veggie baby foods from Chef de Cuisine Alex Fenwick. You probably don't want to miss out on the Toddler Disco happening next week.


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