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Posted by Jen McNeely, June 28, 2016
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Their story began on West Queen West, where Erin worked front of house at The Drake Hotel for ten years before she met yoga instructor, Megan. "She looked like the most beautiful mermaid I had ever seen," says Erin. Likewise, Erin left a strong impression on Megan: "I thought, Wow, that girl has major swag!" It was obvious there was major chemistry.

Since then, the couple has permanently relocated to Prince Edward County; Erin is the lead bartender at Drake Devonshire and Megan officially joined the fam this past winter as our in-house yoga instructor. We're so happy to have played a small role in their love story, and like proud parents, we can't stop gushing about them.

Erin, can you describe your first impressions of Megan?
Her heart seemed to take up the entire room and I could tell people respected and loved her so massively; that was a major turn on. Her smile knocked me on my ass and I was instantly more attracted to her than I had ever experienced with anyone. I thought she was the coolest hippy I had ever met.

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Megan, can you describe your first impressions of Erin?
She seemed like such a cool guy, and at the same time I had this overwhelming feeling that she had this really sweet soul. Like there was a loyalty and love in her that I wasn't sure I had felt with most people.

What was it that made you decide to move to PEC?
Erin: I grew up in a very small town south of Ottawa and only wanted to live in a big city for ten years max. Once nine hit, I came to PEC to visit and fell in love. The Drake opened up, which made the move easy. As well, I am a realtor so I was looking for a town to build and grow my career, and all the pieces just fit.

Megan: I had never heard about PEC until I met Erin. The first time I came here to visit her from the city, I knew I would live out here with her. I knew that I would be able to teach yoga and integrate into the community with so many people here being interested in sustainability and art and community building!

What do you love most about PEC?
Erin: EVERYTHING!!! The community, the artists, and the amazing humans who are creating, building, crafting, growing and seeding love on this land. The potential that this area holds for beauty and to make a life you want is unbelievable. The water and land are the best medicine.

When you share a day off, what are your favourite things to do together?
Erin: We visit new businesses in The County we haven’t yet visited, we garden and grow plants, we beach it up as much as we can, bonfires and potlucks with friends, brainstorming our future plans, talking travel, visiting the wineries. So spoiled!

Erin, what has Megan taught you?
Trust is the biggest thing she has taught me. Also how to breathe, unconditional love, patience, to have an open heart, and that laughter truly is the best medicine. Oh, and you can still be cool and be a big nerd. LOL!

Megan, what has Erin taught you?
Erin has taught me what true partnership looks like. She's taught me that strength and resilience can also still hold a soft heart, that a relationship can truly be fluid and balanced, and that my adventure partner was waiting for me. She also taught me how to drive a standard. YA!

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What does Pride mean to you this year?
Erin: This year when I think of Pride, sadly it feels a bit heavy. It’s a reminder of how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

Megan: Pride this year is considering how grateful I am to feel safe in the community I have landed in. It's being supported by the people I love the most, and the witnessing of our family coming together when tragedy happens. I am proud more than ever to be who I am.

We are proud of both of you! Happy Pride, everyone!

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