Drake Scribbles: Barstool Perspectives at Drake One Fifty

Posted by Jen McNeely, May 06, 2016


What does one do when they sit quietly, alone, at a bar?

Are you the type to make eye contact with a handsome stranger? Or do you prefer to study each shake and stir that goes into a South Side Sipper? Visual artist Sophie Stefanovitch (also our resident chalk master) joined us at Drake One Fifty for a drink + draw, and sketched what caught her eye.

“I didn’t want anyone to think I was creepily staring,” says Sophie, who is currently studying at OCAD University. “This drawing is a representation of how my eye was wandering around and discovering the scenery around me.”

With a brightly coloured Gary Baseman mural within eyeshot and dozens of Bay Street brokers lining the bar during the bustling workweek lunch hour, there's A LOT to see. But Sophie focused on the textures and design elements of objects right in front of her, reminding us that we all see things differently, even when sitting at the same barstool.

Drake Scribbles
Drake Scribbles

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