5 Questions with Guy Maddin

Posted by Ashley Mulvihill , May 06, 2016

Guy Maddin exhibits at The Drake Hotel

On the heels of The Drake Hotel's CONTACT exhibition Ransom Notes from the Lavender Underground opening, we asked the ever-fascinating Guy Maddin 5 questions. Dig in, you’re sure to enjoy this window into Maddin’s mind!

1. Have you ever created a character in your mind and then met them in real-life? If not, do you feel you might one day?
It happens all the time, but there is nothing uncanny or occult in this. This apparently odd and, you'd think, bone-chillingly paranormal and creepy coincidence can be chalked up to my way of seeing people in super-reductive terms. Someone I meet is greedy or lustful, cowardly or pushy, bashful or bellicose -- and that's about it. So I'll make a character a few of these things and then inevitably, maybe even later that afternoon, meet someone I see in these exact terms. Very unmiraculous, this phenomenon of making my creations come to life!

2. What is your favourite dinner party conversation topic?
Baseball; gossip (only not too malicious if I can help it) about friends; dead people.

3. Where is the internet?
I always picture the internet in a Fort Knox-like structure down in Texas, but it's probably in a Fort Knox-like structure up in the clouds for all I know.

4. How have your past professional experiences influenced your creative practice?
Yes, I was a bank administration manager trainee for a year, and then a housepainter for almost 20 years, and a photo archivist for three years -- all very dreamy jobs with plenty of stealable time away from duties that enabled me to find my place in the great flowing River of Time while sobbing to myself in a bank vault or atop a ladder.

5. Car, horse + buggy or space ship?
I'm a car man. Always drove a sky blue '73 Valiant and I always shall. I know I should walk more, but walking is far and driving is close. I used to ride a bike more but my years living in Toronto taught me to stay out of that wrath and revenge-addled war. Who wants to be killed by a truck or spend all his living years vengefully pedalling after some reckless cab driver. I just duct-tape a big charcoal filter on my tailpipe and tool around town on Sundays. I drive carefully and I otherwise recycle so I'm at my usual uneasy peace with my conscience.

Be sure to see the show, curated by Mia Nielsen and Laurel MacMillan, on until June 22nd.

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