An Open Letter to Aubrey Drake Graham

Posted by Sarah Brown, April 29, 2016

Drake lovers cry to the heavens. VIEWS has dropped in The Six and I’m drinking it in on the Sky Yard, solo in a turtleneck, with a round of brown butter maple old fashioneds, at The Drake Hotel’s listening party. For years now, we’ve watched Drake become the style icon, rapper and meme he is today. Now that I’m the copywriter at The Drake, I’m surrounded by all things Drake, hotel and rapper, and I just like…can’t.

Memes aside: The Drake Hotel was Drake before Drake became Drizzy. It’s a complicated relationship, and it’s about time somebody (like me), talks about it. So I wrote Drake a letter, on behalf of The Drake Hotel.

Dear Drake,
How are you? It’s the copywriter at The Drake Hotel. I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while now, but wanted to wait for the right moment. From the early days of The Drake Hotel, circa 2004, I watched you steal the spotlight from Degrassi to Drizzy. And like you, the hotel reinvented itself, stayed on trend, and made different look cool. I’ve heard about the time you personally dropped off champagne to one of our very special hotel guests…who I won’t name. There’s even a rumour you asked out one of our servers. Ahem.

But don’t worry, The Drake doesn’t kiss and tell.

One of the best parts of working at The Drake Hotel is when visitors tweet at us: “Is it true? Is this Drake’s hotel?” or the classic, “Omg! Drake owns a General Store?” No. For the millionth time, the hotel isn’t owned by the legendary Canadian rapper, and your stuff is more expensive… But that doesn’t change the fact that literally everyone (me) who works at The Drake Hotel are obsessed with you, and it’s sort of a big deal.

Speaking of The Drake General Store, you must have seen our Champagne Papi pins? Pretty cute, right? I know they are. It’s the little things that make The Drake stand out. And I like to think that as a small boutique hotel, The Drake is making Toronto stand out on a worldwide scale the way you did with hip hop. Lord knows, from The Drake Hotel to The Drake One Fifty, the staff can’t stop talking about how much we love this city, and a lot of that is because of your catchy lyrics and cheeky music videos.

That’s why I love you. You know how to rep The Six like a 905er at a Raptors game. Admit it, you love The Drake Hotel too. You probably heard about our Drake Yoga class and laughed – like, out loud. You knew we’d be the first to do a 6God yoga class. Reaching for the sky is something we’re good at The Drake Hotel. That’s why we built a Sky Yard so we could touch Kanye in the sky. I hope we’ve made you proud at the Hotel, even though we have zero affiliation to you personally.

Still here? Good, I’m glad I’m holding your attention. With you, it’s easy to get lost in one-way conversation. There’s so much to talk about. Like the VIEWS listening party that happened last night in the Sky Yard. You weren’t actually there, but it still felt like you were. But the real reason I’m writing you is to clear the air. I know you’ve probably been tempted to sleep with us at The Drake. And I want you to know, that there’s always a room waiting for Drake at The Drake Hotel (with me inside, no extra cost).

So yeah, to be blunt about it, I like you a lot, and I love that I work at a hotel that has your name all over it. Your new album is groundbreaking, and like I’ve said before, I’m sort of obsessed in a totally healthy way with you. And I wanted to tell you that.

Don’t be a stranger.

X [OH]!
Sarah (@Drakecereal)

Sarah Brown is a copywriter at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. Follow her blog Drakecereal for Drake-related rants + happenings.


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