Drake Scribbles: Life Aquatic at Drake Devonshire

Posted by Jen McNeely, April 19, 2016

“Quack!” says the duck.

Our first four submissions in the Drake Scribbles illustration project were inspired by life at Toronto's Drake Hotel, but drinks in the duck belly was born after Australian artist Madeleine Pfull spent a lazy Sunday at Drake Devonshire in picturesque Prince Edward County.

"My beautiful friend Chrissy and I giggled our way through a decadent cheese board and fancy fries. The food was yummy and the view was stunning," says Madeleine, who recently arrived from Sydney to join the artist residency program at Spark Box Studio: a hub for artists and a breeding ground for creativity located a short drive from The Devonshire.

New to Canada, and visiting Drake Devonshire for the first time, Madeleine was pleased by not only her "fancy fries" but also the art. "I was very taken with the amount of thought and dedication Drake Devonshire has of filling the space with art. Especially a diverse range of art that either has been made for the space, or the space has been made for the art." It's no secret that we pride ourselves on filling each property with provocative installations and colourful art...but it’s always nice to hear when visitors notice.

Her illustration was partly inspired by watching people enjoy their food + drink, but also by the lake view and stunning flat horizon. It wasn't until she was back at Spark Box, with paintbrush in hand, that she realized her green + yellow colour swatches matched that of the restaurant, and also the lake. We love how Madeleine's submission is so completely different than the rest, reminding us of a children's story or timeless nursery rhyme. Life in The County definitely has a fairy tale feel.

Follow Madeleine's adventures, near and far, on Instagram.

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