A small note from Hairy Chest Man

Posted by Drake, March 10, 2016
WakuWaku escapes The Drake Hotel

Hi there,

I'm Hairy Chest Man (Hairy for short). For most of my life, I've been lounging on a bed in a comfy Crash Pad at The Drake Hotel. (I hear there is a guy like me in every room. Although, all of us have our own eccentricities.)

When guests first arrive, they're often surprised to see me stretched out on their pillow, and there is a huge range in the way they respond to my presence. There are some that begin snapping photos of me before they even open their suitcase (always flattering). There are others who fling me onto a chair, forget about me and bury me under a shirt or towel (how rude!). Those with playful imaginations will often greet me with a genuine, "Hello there" or "How do you do?" I've even had a few hold me close to their chest, whisper secrets in my ear and cry on my shoulder. I like to think that I'm receptive to people's feelings and that I have a great sense of empathy.

It's a really nice thing to share a person's private space – an honour, really. But even toys like me need a change of scenery every once in a while. I mean, what happens outside of the hotel room? It's a question I ask myself daily and yesterday, I finally worked up the courage to find out. When one of the hotel staff members was cleaning the room, I tiptoed out and began to explore. Being small, I had to wait for people to open the big doors, and I kind of slid down the staircase, but I'm going places!

Maybe one day I'll return to the room to greet people from faraway places, watch them take a bath, shave their chin, or sip champagne, but not now. I'm enjoying a breath of fresh air on this glorious sunny day. Someone told me it's patio season soon. I don't know what that means, but I look forward to trying everything.

Your Fuzzy Friend,

Fabricawakuwaku dolls reside in all the rooms at The Drake Hotel. The curious little dolls are handcrafted by local artist, Adrienne Gibb. So far, this is the only one that has escaped.

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