My Night In Nine Pics - Fashion Photographer, Renata Kaveh

Posted by Jen McNeely, March 09, 2016
Renata 1

Art + Oysters + Music + Red Lips + Snow Storm + Vodka + Over-The-Knee Socks + Faux-Fur

While we don't encourage our guests to have pillow fights, if you are going to do it, at least make it look this good.

We booked Fashion Photographer Renata Kaveh a Drake Crash Pad for a mid-week slumber party and asked her to share her night in nine pics. From photobooth shenanigans to exploring a snowy Sky Yard in velvet pumps, it was a magical winter evening filled with stylish musings and lots of mischief.

One night can go so many ways. What would yours look like?

renata 2
Renata 10
renata 11
renata 5
renata 6
renata 7
renata 8
Renata 9

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