Montreal Takes Over The Drake

Posted by Drake, March 02, 2016
Montreal Guest Chef Series at The Drake

Listen up, foodies! Montreal is taking over The Drake Properties for a non-stop trio of one-off menus, buzzy flavour pairings + stellar ingredients that will make your stomach growl louder than ever before. Want to get right to business? Here's how to book:

Drake Hotel x Hôtel Herman, Mar. 22 @6PM_$65 | 416.531.5042 x1 | | Book Online

Drake One Fifty x Le Bremner, Mar. 23 @6PM_$75 | 416.363.6150 |

Drake Devonshire x Le Majestique, Mar. 19 @5PM_$65 | 613.399.3338 |

Now back to the good stuff kids...

Hijacking the heart of Montreal, The Drake is pumped to host four events that will have you packing for Ville-Marie. Bringing you one-night-only menus from Montreal’s finest Le Bremner, Hôtel Herman + Le Majestique plus an 86’d Poutine Party (yeah, that’s right, we said poutine party).

With such a rich culinary landscape, Montreal is one of the country’s most diverse and eclectic food capitals. From its famous smoked meat sandwiches, wood-fired bagels and multi-cultural cuisines; there’s always something cooking in Canada’s cultural capital. It’s no surprise that Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada! Lucky for you, we’re bringing authentic Montreal style, flavours, cuisine and wildly successful chefs to The Drake properties so you can taste the rich culinary history for yourself.



First up, we’re polishing off March Break at Drake Devonshire with Guest Chef Dominic Lalonde of Montreal’s famous Le Majestique. For the County installment of our Montreal Guest Chef series, we’re bringing La Belle Province to Prince Edward County with a Maple In The County twist. Our take on the sugarbush tradition includes bacon-braised in maple syrup + cider and maple syrup toffee cake. Bringing the buzzy flavours of Le Majestique; a restaurant notorious for its inventive seafood dishes and oyster bar, we’re throwing it down for a maple-inspired menu that will make you feel like you’re living in Montreal’s winter wonderland. Call 613.399.3338 or email to reserve.

Montreal Guest Chef Series at The Drake


Still stuffed from our menu-Majestique, head on over to The Drake Hotel for Ivy Knight’s 86’d Poutine Party. Do yourself a favour and save your appetite; with melting hot poutine, samples of delicious Unibroue, and a chance to tête-à-tête with Top Chef Alumni Danny Smiles of Le Bremner + Chef Marc-Alexandre Mercier of Hôtel Herman.

Montreal Guest Chef Series at The Drake

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Back for the second round of fun, we’re inviting Hôtel Herman’s Chef Marc-Alexandre Mercier to join us for a night of Montreal-style fine dining at The Drake Hotel. Mercier giving Toronto a taste of Hôtel Herman with a set of original dishes, inspired from his noteworthy menu. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of small dish delights to choose from in this evening menu of outrageous flavour pairings + yummy snacks. Hungry for more details? Read up about Hôtel Herman + prepare to drool.

Book your spot! Call 416.531.5042 x1, shoot us an email at |, or book online and we'll save you a seat!

Montreal Guest Chef Series at The Drake

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But that’s not all. We’re wrapping up the weekend in style at Drake One Fifty, inviting Chef Danny Smiles of Le Bremner for an evening of casual cuisine + authentic Quebecois dishes. Get ready to taste seafood like never before, Chef Danny Smiles will recreate his renowned culinary style with original recipes that will make you wish you lived on Rue Saint Paul East. Bring a friend + take some pictures, this Top Chef alum is offering a one-night-only menu that’s sexy, satisfying and full of flavour.

Call 416.363.6150 or email to reserve.

Montreal Guest Chef Series at The Drake

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With Top Chefs, poutine extravaganzas + fine dining in a T-shirt, we’re bringing the best Montreal has to offer to Ontario. Mark your calendars + join us at The Drake; now prepare to surrender your taste buds for a culinary takeover you’ll never forget. Bon appétit!

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