To Infinity + Beyond: Kids' Lit at Drake General Store

Posted by Drake, March 19, 2016
Drake General Store Children's Books

Buckle up, relax and let us take you on an escape you’ll never forget, with these beloved and brilliant kids’ lit books:

Diary of a Time Traveler by David Long: History comes to life in this illustrious catalogue of time travel and exploration. Author David Long takes readers on a meet and greet with the dazzling personalities behind the world’s greatest adventures. Follow young Augustus and Professor Tempo as they time travel, introducing kids to 100 years’ worth of superstars like Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart and more.

Aliens in Space by Yu-hsuan Huang: What better way to explore life on other planets than via rocket? Duh! Jump into a voyage of true exploration as two little boys travel to a place far beyond the stars. Let the little ones turn the pages, as back-to-back illustrations turn this adventure into an alien-ruled reality.

The School of Art by Teal Triggs: You know, you don’t have to be an OCAD grad to make beautiful art, right? In this one-of-a-kind lesson plan, kids young and old, create art like the classic and abstract masterminds of the past. With 40 demonstrations and DIY activities, it’s time to get crafty with the basics of art and design. Let your child discover the beauty of art, with this playful book of teachings.

My Wild Family by Laurent Moreau: Families come in all shapes, sizes…and animals! Skip the day trip to High Park’s zoo and find refuge in this adorable storybook that shows the wild and hilarious similarities between animals, humans and unusual families. From elegant giraffes, bold elephants and out-of-control monkeys, there’s an animal for everyone in this oh-so-stunning storybook.

Make More Faces by Tupera Tupera: Prepare to LOL until infinity with this creative spin on making faces, made from a playground of quirky, everyday and unique objects. Teach little ones how to make faces with playful combinations of ears, lips, eyes, hairs and mouths. Even better? The finished faces double as kitchen fridge masterpieces.

Dinosaur Construction Kit: T. Rex by Susie Brooks: Thump....Thump....Thump. Hear that? That’s the sound of a pre-historic T. Rex crashing into your bedroom! Build your very own 3D dinosaur, and step into a day-in-the-life of one of the largest land carnivores of all time. Travel back light years in time and snap back into reality with a real-life dinosaur the little ones will idolize.

I Am So Brave and I Can Do It Myself by Stephen Krensky: Kids and parents unite! It’s time to help toddlers face their fears and dip their toes into the world of independence with Stephen Krensky’s vintage-style story books. Satisfying sweet, these short stories are a must-have for any kid ready to shoot for the stars.

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