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Posted by Dave Elliott , February 24, 2016

The day is almost upon us - the day that cinephiles count down to like children count down to Christmas. The day the "Academy" awards the top films with accolades and the biggest stars in the biz walk the read carpet wearing the biggest names in the biz. Regardless of your level of interest there's something in it for everyone - even if it's only an excuse to have drinks and snacks with pals.

Superbowl Fans had their moment in the sun, now it's your opportunity to trump their chicken wings + cold beer with a different kind of party, the Oscars Party. Whether it's your first time planning one, or you are just looking to brush up on your hosting skills prior to the big day, follow these tips to ensure that your party gets the Academy-nod it deserves.

Oscars Party Tips from The Drake Hotel Event Planning

A few key things to keep in mind when planning your party:

  1. Treat it a little more like an 'open house' - the Oscars are a long awards show (especially if you plan to start during the red carpet) so maximize your RSVP list by letting guests know that you're not expecting them to stay for 8 hours of unadulterated Hollywood magic.

  2. Request your dress carefully - a theme can either make or break a party. While sometimes a theme can deter guests from attending I'd say throw caution to the wind. A little black tie can really add another layer to this soiree as some people don't get the same opportunities to don that special cocktail dress as much as they might like.

  3. Amp up the food - crudite and chips aren't going to cut it for this one folks. The show can really 'go on' for this awards show. Make sure you build in some heftier 'mini-meals' or other hot items for guests to enjoy throughout the evening to ensure that guests are well fed.

  4. Have fun with your bar offerings - design a feature cocktail for guests to enjoy. This way you have something to talk about with guests during the slower times (Best Musical Score for an International Short Animation). Always remember to teach someone else how to make the offering otherwise you're going to be the go-to everytime someone wants a refill!

  5. Always have an 'Oscar Free Space' - this is imperative for any party that involves a viewing component. Not everyone is there to hang on every word that the presenter is saying so make sure that there's somewhere that they can chat and nosh without disrupting the viewers who are really into it.

Of course this list can be buffered by a number of other party staples, such as buy extra paper towel, and always tell the guest who asks 'what can I bring' at the last minute to grab ice, always more ice.

If this is all a little overwhelming and you're thinking that you might want to hold off until 2017 to make your Academy debut I hear that The Drake Hotel is having a pretty stellar party - why not learn from the pros and have some fun along the way? There's always next year!

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