Music Monday: Detroit's Flint Eastwood Plays The Drake Underground

Posted by Drake, February 29, 2016
Flint Eastwood in the Drake Underground

Jax Anderson knows how to spellbind an audience with her voice alone. The lead singer of Detroit-based pop-rock indie band Flint Eastwood has a vocal depth that’s raspy, heroic + handsome. (Think gritty Lykke Li.) Since the release of her latest album, Small Victories, Flint Eastwood is making headlines with her beautifully produced music videos and charming diversity as a local music collaborator.

Beyond her haunting music, we also love Anderson's dedication to the wide-brimmed hat. We're not the only ones taking note of her signature style; Neiman Marcus recently partnered with the Motor City locals for a photo spread in their spring fashion book.

On March 5th, Flint Eastwood will perform alongside Toronto’s indie rock band Midday Swim and upbeat pop-rock trio, Hue. Bringing together dreamy indie, punchy pop and a calming melancholic rhythm, Saturday is no doubt going to be a night to remember in Drake Underground history.

You should definitely come.

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