Boardroom or Bored-Room?

Posted by Dave Elliott , February 19, 2016
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Whether you're a first time planner or you’re a seasoned veteran in the events world, the stress surrounding finding the ‘perfect space’ can turn even the toughest planner's hair gray. You’re probably thinking ‘where do I start?’ or even ‘how do I start’? To which I’d suggest that you start by considering any meeting objectives that you’ve been made aware of.

Were you tasked to find a quick and effective space to host a half-day content meeting or a unique and inspired space that will get invited guests out of their office mindset to brainstorm? Even the greenest of coordinators might suggest that the two directives require completely different spaces so make sure you understand the vision before you start making calls.

Drake Underground Meetings

A traditional boardroom has its upsides just the same as a repurposed offbeat space so here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Who’s coming? If it’s a Senior Executive meeting they might be used to a standard boardroom offering. If you’re going to off path, I’d suggest running the space past someone on their level to gauge their expertise.

  2. What's the goal of the meeting? If the meeting is pretty dry in content, it might be worth investigating something left of centre with regards to the venue to ensure that guests stay engaged.

  3. Is photography an essential component? If you’re snapping shots + sharing them publicly the backdrop of a well desigend space will turn your photos into high impact visual souveniers.

  4. What’s the budget? If you’re using a unique space that’s not typically an event space, the fees surrounding having it staffed/catered can pile up. Keep your eyes peeled for a venue that comes without a rental fee as you can stretch your dollar farther without the additional costs.

Now that you’re armed with some background information to set you up on the right track, go forth and inquire at a few of your favourite spots in the city – take this as your opportunity to win over the office and be the subject of water cooler accolades for weeks to come!

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