WITB 2015: Meet Most People

Posted by Carla Candela, December 26, 2015

What's in the Box kicks off TONIGHT with a killer lineup to get the party rolling. Our BFF music writer Carla Candela had a chance to catch up with the guys from Most People who will be ripping it up tonight in the Underground. Let's do this!

Most People

It’s that time of year in music where the countdowns are beginning and critics are ranking musical caliber into lists, judging the best songs of 2015. But, we’re not completely sure the new music for 2015 is finished presenting itself into our lives and playlists. With What’s in the Box back by popular demand on December 26-30 at the Underground, upcoming indie talent is ready to show you that the year’s not over until the fat lady plays. I got a chance to catch up with one of WITB’s headliners Most People asking them about Toronto’s local indie sound and collaborations with another fellow headliner ZooOWL. In May 2015, Violet Spaces placed Most People on the map as an ambassador for up and coming Toronto indie talent which is no wonder why we needed them in WITB this year. Aside from Most People and ZooOWL, expect to hear full range of what Toronto talent has in store from this year and for what’s to come in 2016. Always at the best time of the year, What’s in the Box will fill your holiday calendar with melodic remedies that will have you racing to get your dancing shoes on. Let’s face it… you have one more party dress and party tie left in your closet that needs a little TLC.

Welcome back! This isn’t your first time with What’s in the Box. What keeps you coming back?

Actually, believe it or not it is our first time at What's in the Box. We were scheduled to perform last year but there was a mix up. So we're extremely excited to be able to do it this year!

Toronto’s really building reputability for local indie talent. What do you think Toronto’s indie sound is?

We would probably define Toronto's sound as being pretty heavy in the electronics department. Alot of bands popping up around now a days use increasingly more and more combinations of hardware synths and computer synced back tracks. There is still alot of other stuff, but that seems to be the most common feature nowadays.

How is that sound influencing your music-making?

Well, we definitely fit solidly into that category. Although we try very hard to keep a solid balance between electronics and organic live instruments and and sounds. Its kind of a 50/50 spread.

Drake’s all about full, creative experiences so we’re definitely drawn to your artwork. It seems to reflect the energy in your music. How do you source all of these artists?

Wellllllllllll, Mike Pereira (who plays keyboards and sometimes bass with us) happens to be the one who made our most recent two releases artwork. But in terms of sourcing artists, we generally reach out into our direct community for connections for collaborations etc...

Other than WITB, you’ve participated in eclectic underground festival and events that have placed you guys on the radar. Are you selective of the shows you’re a part of?

We do try to be very selective of the shows we're a part of. We only really want to be a part of things that seem to encourage and celebrate fun, creative inclusive music. Also, we don't wanna burn out our audience and so on, so we only really try to be a part of things that are exciting.

What do you do when you don’t make music?

Wellllllllll, Paul is an electrician and a uncle, Brandon teaches music and drives a truck and Mike draws stuff and pours coffee!

ZooOWL’s also headlining What’s in the Box. How was having him remix “Telephone”? What’s it like having someone reinterpret something you’ve already created?

It was super fun working with Zoo Owl on a remix. It was fun see how different people interpreted our music and put it into their own frameworks for all four remixes. Zoo Owl is SOOO AWESOME and we were so PUMPPPED to have him turn a song of our into a Zoo Owl vibe.

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