El Niño? More like El NiñYes!

Posted by Drake, December 18, 2015

In case you haven’t heard the biggest weather story this year since almonds were accused of causing the drought in California, here are the goods. It’s all about El Niño. But if we say El NiñYES?

Although snow hasn't made an appearance yet this season, these yo-yo-ing temperatures and balmy mid-December showers are confusing for the internal thermostat. The winter blahs + SAD are still here to stay + let’s be honest, no one enjoys leaving the house dressed for sub-zero climates + heading home in a tropical wonderland. SO the question is, will El Niño deliver or disappoint? It’s fair to say that it’s a toss-up and that El Niño may very well disappoint us, hence winter not being cancelled just yet! Since everyone enjoys grumbling about the weather + no doubt there are folks out there that find these temps a bit too toasty, we’ve compiled a laundry list of reasons to stop fretting about the temps + enjoy yourself in or out of the city. Let's say El NiñYES to wherever this winter takes us.

Quick + Dirty

Here are a few interesting facts about El Niño to make small talk a tad more exciting.

El NiñYES: The Not-So-Tough-Survival Guide To Coping With Epic Weather Systems:

In the City:
You might get more vitamin D this season than you expected so all the more reason to check out a Holiday Pop-Up Art Market near you + while you’re at it catch some rays + throw some vitamin D’s on your SAD while checking out local art in the Drake Sky Yard this weekend.
You may not need to escape south as early as you thought + if you do you might miss one of the most exciting culinary times of the year with special edition tasting menus for Winterlicious + Chefs for change.
It’s a fall fashion miracle!(And a fashion Santa miracle) With more opportunity to impress your friends with that fall wardrobe you thought would only last a few weeks + you may save some pocket change since you don’t need to buy snow boots + can keep your inside shoes on when you head down to the Underground for our annual mini music fest What’s In The Box!

In the County:

Be an El Niño Winter Warrior + take a picnic to a variety of hiking options without the freezing temps! Prince Edward County is filled with trails with beautiful rock faces at Little Bluff, see stoic blue herons in Beaver Meadow Conservation Area + more. PLUS you can now brag to your American + international friends that Canada doesn’t only exist in a sub-zero climate with igloos + that they should come and check out our lakeside views. You might also be able to get away with year-round tires + can kick that extra change towards some gas money to a trip out of town to a nearby lakeside village for a romantic getaway. Recharge for the New Year + regain strength before real winter begins with breakfast in bed, spa packages + mulled wine!

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