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Introducing: HUMANS OF THE DRAKE. Every week, we will profile a member of our team, their favourite holiday traditions and most coveted wish list items.


Justin hails from Nanaimo, British Columbia and first worked for the DGS team three + a half years ago when he was still in school. Helping with brunch + coffee were among his tasks before being asked to model for a DGS campaign. From there Justin began interning, and is now the assistant buyer for the Drake General Store.



What are 3 items you’re coveting this Holiday season?

This year, I've already bought the Copper Bowl because it's awesome.
I love the Oswald Yeti Plush guy because he's super cute.
And the Umbra Shift products we are carrying this year are super nice too.

#1 item you’re gifting this year? Who is the lucky giftee?

99% of my Christmas gifts come from DGS, so my friends and family are lucky. Of all the fits, I honestly think my Grandpa will love his the most; I got him the New York Times Crossword puzzle.

What’s your favourite Holiday tradition?

My fave holiday tradition is turkey dinner and presents. Also, it’s my brother’s birthday on Boxing Day, so every year we go out for a huge brunch and then have burgers and chocolate cake for dinner.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Why?

The best gift I ever received was probably my graduation gift from my parents. They took me to New York for a week and got me a couple pieces of art. It was the best because I had the best time in NYC and the art is something I’ll have and love forever, which you can’t say for every present.

What’s the worst/funniest gift you’ve ever received?

Ummm the worst gift I ever received was a Digimon watch for my like, 7th or 8th birthday. Some kid from my class (who I didn’t even like that much) came to my birthday party and brought that. I hated Digimon, but loved Pokemon, so it was the worst.

Fave Holiday tune?

I don’t really like holiday music, but Spice Girls’ “Christmas Wrapping” is obviously the best one.

Mittens or gloves?

Gloves for sure, but they have to be touchscreen gloves, like the Glovely Touchscreen gloves we have at DGS right now. I’m constantly on my phone, and cold fingers can’t stop me.

Hot cocoa or eggnog? Spiked with…?

This is a hard question. I’ll say both. Hot cocoa spiked with fireball, and eggnog with rum! Or just rum…

MVP at your family Holiday dinner? Why?

The MVP of my holiday dinners goes to my Mum for making it. My family is back in British Columbia, so I rarely get a Mum-made turkey dinner and she makes it the best!

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