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Introducing: HUMANS OF THE DRAKE. Every week, we will profile a member of our team, their favourite holiday traditions and most coveted wish list items.


Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, D studied Fine Arts at OCAD University. She has been a part of the DGS team for 7 months now; lover of movies, cheesecake, whiskey sours + The Sopranos.



What are 3 items you’re coveting this Holiday season?

The Star Dome, looks like the best way to fall asleep!
The Tweed Blanket in red, reminds me of my cottage in the fall.
And the Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Candle, can everything smell like that please?

#1 item you’re gifting this year? Who is the lucky giftee?

1 item is the Fancy Robe! I'm getting it for my mum. Always treat your mum, she deserves it!

What’s your favourite Holiday tradition?

Listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas Sound Track around 50 times before the 25th… you know what’s gonna be playing at Bloor!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Why?

A puppy, 100%! The day before Christmas my parents took us (my siblings and I) to go pick him up, a two-month-old yellow Labrador puppy. Years of memories with that guy!

What’s the worst/funniest gift you’ve ever received?

Popcorn. A Box filled with Popcorn. What can I do with it? Yes obviously eat it, but have you tried to eat all full box of popcorn. We aren’t talking some cereal box; no this was box to move your stuff with. It was so much!

Fave Holiday tune?

Anything Charlie Brown Christmas, anything featured in a Christmas movie from the 90's, and anything Frank Sinatra.

Mittens or gloves?

Mittens, you can still wear rings. Gloves, you can't do that.

Hot cocoa or eggnog? Spiked with…?

Neither. Hot Apple Cider, definitely spiked.

MVP at your family Holiday dinner? Why?

The family dog, he sets the tone for the night, shows you who the weak link of the family is and can always be a source of many stories.

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