Holiday Market Roundup: West Side Edition

Posted by Drake, December 10, 2015

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Every year it seems more + more holiday markets are sprouting up all around the city. This comes as no surprise as the city grows in size + creativity; we've got more to show for it. With a little over two weeks left until last-minute shoppers storm the streets, there are still several craft markets to check out that support our local community's artists and artisans, delivering creative + personal gifting options. Over the next two weekends you can avoid the mayhem that is holiday mall shopping by checking out one of your West End neighbourhood Holiday Markets.

Who: City of Craft Market
What: Holiday Market featuring soaps, ceramics, prints, bags, yoga mat holders…
Where: The Theatre Centre 1115 Queen St. West
When: December 11th + 12th + 13th
Why: With 60 incredible vendors, you can count on some truly unique finds including beautiful prints, upgraded chia pets, evolution of Beyoncé colouring books + more!
Perk: Swag bags for the first 100 guests!


Who:DGS Warehouse Sale
What:Everything holiday-esque: onesies, xmas ornaments + more.
Where:344 Westmoreland Avenue
When:December 11th + 12th + 13th
Why:Because if you don’t have a onesie yet you’re going going to be the only one who doesn’t.


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Who: Foodie Pop-Up Market
What: Gourmet homemade treats for all occasions!
Where:Artscape Sandbox 301 Adelaide St. West
When:December 12th
Why:Because these plates are worth the visit + so are these designer marshmallows.


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Who: Graven Feather art hub
What: Holiday Market featuring prints, etchings, bags, ceramics + more
Where: Graven Feather
When: December 19th + 20th
Why: Because this creative duo and their cute nearby studio is worth the jaunt!


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Who: Deanne Moser Holiday Pop-Up Art Market
What: 5 Canadian artists offering an array of artwork in various media with over 50 original paintings, prints + sculptures ranging from $300 - $5,000
Where:The Drake Hotel Sky Yard
When: December 20th
Why: For the art lover
Perk: 15% off dining when you come check out the market

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