Music Monday: Evening Hymns

Posted by Carla Candela, November 23, 2015
Evening Hymns

With the name not giving too much away, Evening Hymns elevates acoustic harmony in the third digital album Quiet Energies. Playing the Drake Underground Friday, November 27th, Jonas Bonnetta autobiographically speaks of his rural Ontario upbringing through melodic expeditions. As Evening Hymns moves through their Ontario tour, each venue will medley urban buzz with rural openness. Speaking to particular moments down to the very minute, songs like "Rescue Teams" + "Evil Forces" have backbones of countryside stillness, learning that as we continue to listen there’s more to see than we think.

Never being shy of revealing himself in his music, Jonas has remained as real as the musician can get, crafting out a collection of hinterland folk for the urban world. It doesn’t sound like your typical indie-folk road trip album, soothing the hustle and bustle that might be affecting your sound mind. Check Jonas Bonnetta and his (as he likes to call them) “yelping group of banshees and some sweet-singing wood nymphs,” as they soothe your end of week shortage of breath and help you understand why it’s nice to thank God it’s Friday. When you have that one short moment of weakness where you’d be inclined to seeing a 50-acre field out your window rather than a cityscape, hit play and let the quiet energies of Quiet Energies meditate you back to tranquility. Or better yet, hear it in person on Friday where you can soak in the breezy melodies. But for now, check out their wicked cover of "Birds" by Neil Young:

For more info + to snag a ticket, check theevent listings!

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