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Introducing: HUMANS OF THE DRAKE. Every week, we will profile a member of our team, their favourite holiday traditions and most coveted wish list items.

Meet Sonia.

She is new to DGS this year, acting as the store supervisor for our brand new Vancouver location in the Hudson's Bay Granville TOPSHOP. She is 23 and a Native West Coaster (but lived in Toronto for four years!) For some reason thought a Bachelors Degree in Sexuality Studies and minor in English Lit was a good idea... (her words, not ours). She is a lover of all things garage rock and punk and has been with Drake for just over two months.



What are 3 items you’re coveting this Holiday season?

Anything Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Scent. If I could live anywhere it'd be in one of those candles.

Bun B's Rap colouring book. You're never too old to discover you still can't colour in the lines.

Halifax Tea Set, beautiful, unique, and dainty.

#1 item you’re gifting this year? Who is the lucky giftee?

Every man in my life can expect a Harry's Winston shaving kit. Even if I got it for you last year.

What’s your favourite Holiday tradition?

My family does an intense game night every Christmas Eve. Lines are drawn, tears are shed -- an all around wonderful time.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Why?

When I was in Uni I got a gift card for groceries and never in my life had I been happier. I had been eating perogies for about two months before this.

What’s the worst/funniest gift you’ve ever received?

The worst gift I've recieved was a DVD of Finding Nemo. Long story short hated the movie, wanted the movie Holes, sister got Holes, and I was royally unimpressed. Still not over it, still refuse to watch Finding Nemo. Thanks Mum!

Fave Holiday tune?

Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley

Mittens or gloves?


Hot cocoa or eggnog? Spiked with…?

Hot cocoa and Baileys, always + forever.

MVP at your family Holiday dinner? Why?

My Dad is MVP for dinner, we cook lamb as well as turkey and eight hundred other dishes so he takes care of a big part of that. He also has to put up with four insanely loud children/significant others and my mums terrible trivia answers. He's the real MVP, hands down!

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