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Chew This Photo #1

Items included in House Party Prize Pack. Photo credit: @chew.this

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We've partnered with one of our FAVE TO-based instagrammers, @chew.this to throw the ultimate HOUSE PARTY contest. We chatted with her about all things house party (including tips for taking the perfect 'instagram-worthy' shots of your table

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Chew This Photo #4

HOUSE PARTY | Photo by: @chew.this

A little bit about the real human behind the beautiful instagram profile @chew.this , Isabelle:

She is a Toronto-based food stylist, photographer, and digital content storyteller who spends her day indulging in coffee, avocado toasts and ice-cream. She chases after the daylight making every corner photogenic and capturing the beauty in everyday life. For more of her work follow her on Instagram at @chew.this

Chew This Photo #3

Breakfast House Party | Photo by @chew.this

We asked her a few questions - all things HOUSE PARTY:

1. Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you want to invite to your house party?
Chuck Berry - for his musical talents. Every house party needs good music.
Martha Stewart - she obviously knows a thing or two about throwing a party.
Paulo Coelho - a brilliant author, I suspect he'd make a great conversationalist as well.

2. What is your cocktail of choice at the moment?
Old Fashioned - strong and self assured. This is a drink that doesn't require any gimmicks. It doesn't need an introduction because everyone already knows it and loves it.

3. What is your favourite Fall app to serve to your houseguests?
I always love a good arancini stuffed with cheese and portabello mushrooms. Bite sized, warm, and deep fried they make a great fall app. They can also be eaten with your fingers, toothpicks, or cutlery. If all else fails though put out a bowl of cheese puffs. Nobody can resist cheese puffs.

4. Brunch or Dinner?
Brunch! All day, every day. There's something comforting about eggs.

5. House party horror story?
Nothing too horrific has ever happened. Once our Christmas tree fell over onto some guests at a family Christmas party. No people or Christmas ornaments we're harmed in the incident

6. Which 3 songs would be must-haves on your house party playlist?
...I leave that up to songza to decide.

7. Where would we find you on the weekends in Toronto?
Eating brunch of course ! When I'm not bunching you'll find me at the AGO, on the Island, or taking photos anywhere and everywhere.

Chew This Photo #5

HOUSE PARTY | Photo by: @chew.this

3 tips for taking the perfect, double-tap worthy 'instagram-worthy' photograph from @chew.this:

1) Light - any photographer will tell you that nothing is more important than light. This becomes even more critical though if you're shooting with a mobile phone for Instagram. Fancy schmancy dslr cameras are equipped to handle a much wider range of lighting situations. Mobile phones (for the most part) are not. Cloudy days are some of the best days to take snaps with your phone because the lighting is soft enough to show details in both highlights and shadows.

2) Keep it simple! Instagram photos are quite small, so overloading your frame can be distracting. Less items that are well thought out and carefully placed will speak much louder and draw attention to your subject matter.

3) Slow and steady. Take your time when taking photos. Survey the situation to see what fits and what doesn't . Take multiple shots from different angles so you'll have lots of options to choose from. Not to mention that a rushed photo is usually a blurry photo.

Chew This Photo #6

HOUSE PARTY | Photo by: @chew.this

Enter our #DGShouseparty contest in partnership with @chew.this TODAY HERE

For an extra entry, post an 'instagram-worthy' image featuring your favourite items from our HOUSE PARTY collection!
follow + tag @drakegeneralstore and @chew.this use the hashtag @DGShouseparty

Contest ends October 30, 2015 at 3pm EST.

Start 'gramming today - we can't wait to see your photos x(oh!)

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