Event Planner + Client = Wedding

Posted by Drake, September 29, 2015

Events specialist Meagan just got a new client: herself! In just a few weeks, Meagan + Sasha will be tying the knot at the Drake. Read on as Meagan and Sasha tick off all the boxes on their checklist for the big day.

Meagan's Wedding

My "client" and I

On November 14th, 2014 I got a new client. Unlike most new client wins this one I totally didn’t see coming. Sure I had known them for years. And yes, they had mentioned that they were interested in throwing an event one day, but I never really knew when that might be. Then I got the ask. He proposed to me on that Friday at home, asking me if I’d be his wife. Of course I said yes!

We met at the Drake in 2011 where I put on a Microsoft event for his company. Having produced on a ton of events before I knew the Drake well: great food, amazing team, killer layout and a classic but edgy look and feel. It was always the standard for venues in the city but now it held a very personal meaning.

When we started looking for a location for our wedding we talked a lot about what we wanted from a venue. It needed to be relatively turnkey, it needed to be an authentic experience for our guests, it had to have a creative team that would work with us to express who we are in a space and oh yeah … it needed to allow us to throw a show for our friends. After talking about it (for about a minute) we knew the Drake was it for us!

Meagan's Wedding

Wedding show in the Underground? Check.

With my new client in tow we’re in the final stages of our event plan. The run of show is almost complete, the 100% gluten-free menu is locked in, the RSVP list is ready to be printed and the décor is nearly there. But to say that this experience was just like that I would experience with any other client is a bit of a lie. Planning this event, my event, with the guy I’m about to marry has been, dare I say, magical. The team at the Drake has been amazing and sharing this part of my world with my future husband has been something really special.

Meagan's Wedding

Delicious gluten-free food? Check.

I can’t wait for our party at the Drake on October 17th. As it stands we’ve got over 100 people joining us for what is shaping up to be quite the night. As an event planner sometimes I drift into business mode when sourcing quotes and working with the Drake, but then I give my head a shake and remind myself it’s my wedding.

Stay tuned for the post-event wrap and the feedback from my client. I hope I get even better feedback than I did when we held the first event at the Drake!

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