The New Wave Baby Shower

Posted by Dave Elliott , August 20, 2015
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Drake’s Sales Manager + expert Event Planner Dave Elliott knows a good party when he sees one, no matter what the occasion is. When it comes to baby showers, traditional showers are quickly making way for a new wave of baby celebratory festivities. Co-ed Baby Bashes are the alternative baby shower that find friends + family celebrating together the best way there is; good food + drinks, music, and your favourite people in one setting. For those looking for some baby celebration inspiration, Dave has given us some tips + tricks from a recent “Baby Shower” he attended for a close friend + co-worker, Drake’s Senior Manager of Corporate Sales + Events Ashely Arvai!

Traditionally baby showers are thought of as a women only gathering to celebrate the Guest of Honor’s pending or recently new born. They are accompanied by tiny sandwiches, a bevy of embarrassing games and a very public opening of gifts. I never thought I would have to attend one but I did, and it was awesome.

Baby Shower - Ashley

My partner in crime, best pal, and ‘better half’ at work is pregnant with twins, and wanted everyone she cares about to be part of the festivities. Strongly opposed to all things conventional, she decided instead of an adorably curated affair with a tight timeline that she would switch things up with a co-ed Baby Bash to mark the occasion. Now what did that mean for invited guests?

While presents usually take the spotlight of a baby shower (cue the gift ribbon made into a hair piece), it becomes all too consuming and takes the attention away from why guests are gathered together; to celebrate the new mom-to-be! Upon entry I noticed that the gifts were piled nearest the front so not to be a focal point of the party – while generous in their intent, the hosts’ hearts were full just from having a home full of their favourite people. A good tip for keeping the focus on mom + baby rather than who bought what; have an area near the entrance where guests first arrive designated for presents.

Baby Shower - Dessert Table

Upon freeing up some hands we were immediately greeted in the lobby with a glass of sparkling wine or beer to suit your tastes (The guests + myself were already into it already). A stop at the cupcake, donut + cake table, featuring an incredible sweet treat flown in from Momofuko in NY, for pictures or a quick taste of over-indulgence was a must (how could you not?!) The cake was a fun (and very delicious) twist on the classic baby shower cake. Rather than donning a plastic miniature baby in a carriage a top bright pink or blue sugar loaded icing, Ashley chose an alternative cake that is also perfectly gender neutral if you’re keeping a big secret! And let me tell you, Momofuko’s Milk Bar knows cakes. Ashley decided to go with the birthday cake, everyone’s favourite childhood cake reimagined Milk Bar style – vanilla rainbow cake layered with rainbow cake crumble + vanilla frosting topped with a very fitting "yay!"

For the remaining celebratory festivities, guests were invited to pop out onto the deck to soak up some late summer sun and fun. With a DJ spinning dance beats for the intimate crowd while the boys + girls watched the Jays game on the outdoor TV; the atmosphere was relaxed + stress-free. With a more summer backyard party vibe, the guests + hosts were more than comfortable and at ease during the shower, allowing them to enjoy their own celebration and have some fun! Instead of planning a baby shower itinerary and stressing when game time has been shifted back an hour, keep the day’s schedule relatively open and we promise you, you’re guests + you will be more than pleased.

Baby Shower - Drinks

As the house started to fill hurriedly with enthusiastic guests, the arrival of the food came shortly after with a plethora of Southern offerings inclusive of tacos from Mad Mexican, and cornbread, coleslaw, and picnic potato salad from the Drake. Another baby shower tip; don’t feel afraid to stray away from the classic menu of mini-sandwiches and devilled eggs with a side of punch. Why not pick one of your favourite foods that is also a crowd pleaser (tacos were definitely a good choice)! It was so far from what I had imagined, but I was down for every part of it.

Surrounded by the highest number of babies I’d been around since being a newborn, everyone was all smiles (adults and children alike). Even those who were without children donned their parental uniform for the afternoon as everyone pitched in to ensure that the little ones were well fed, wearing sunscreen, and kept their little heads away from sharp edges. It was a nice way to gather friends + kids that you may have not seen in some time in an environment where everyone can share some laughs and enjoy themselves.

Baby Shower - Cake

Now, it’s true that some people feel outside pressure to go the path more commonly traveled, those of a wilder spirit are paving the way for a new wave of celebrations. Whether it’s a tamer bachelor(ette) party with good food being the focus, or an evening bridal shower that includes a cocktail making demo for invited guests, or a ‘surprise wedding’ where only the bride and groom know what’s about to happen, the moral of the story is to throw a party that you’d want to attend. After all, you are the guest of honor!

They say it takes a village to raise a child; well that case, this young family is going to be just fine. Scratch that, this family is going to be great!

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