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Posted by Drake, July 22, 2015

Drake is partnering up with WayHome Music and Arts + world-renowned restaurant festival, Taste of Toronto for the 2015 summer music festival. Set amongst the backdrop of a beautifully restored 1920s barn beside the main stage of the festival, the WayHome Music and Arts VIP experience will feature a series of Taste of Toronto style mini-restaurants by the Drake Hotel, Drake One Fifty and Drake Devonshire Inn. The VIP area will also look and feel "like Drake" with the Drake team curating the art and décor, including several site-specific works by artists like Analog Preservation Network, Confetti System and Alicia Nauta.

APN (2)

Image courtesy of APN

As the digital becomes more pervasive in our everyday lives, it seems we’re becoming increasingly nostalgic for analog; and that is exactly what APN is trying to preserve. The Analog Preservation Network is a Toronto-based artist collective, headed by Damian Lebiedzinski, Paul Moleiro, Peter Rahul, Vanessa Rieger and Katie Switzer. They are committed to preserving rare and archaic technology by using it in combination with current technology to create an enhanced hybrid experience. Striving to revitalize analog aesthetics with a journalistic lens, the focus is on creating live multi-sensory experiences for viewers, and pushing the boundaries of video art. If any of you were in TO last year, you might recall that this programme was specially commissioned for the Drake’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche "Safe Space" 2014 programme. And before that, the Drake Lab in August 2014, you probably encountered Analog Preservation Network during its “PRECURSOR” residency, developing their site-specific installations for Nuit Blanche. They undertook a DTV video art takeover of their analog visuals; a special Sky Yard projection by members Katie Switzer, Paul Moleiro and Holodeck, an Underground installation featuring integrated live feedback visuals with performances by Petra Glynt, Pale Eyes, Zones and Doomsquad with special guests Troll Kunst, Brian Schirk, Raki Malhotra & KAHUNA.

This year, APN is joining Drake for a way special WayHome art installation for all VIP to see! We don’t want to give anything away so you’re going to have to see their work in person this weekend; however APN never disappoints.

Take a look at some of APN's past work + we can't wait to see what they have planned for WayHome Music and Arts this weekend!

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