The Hayloft Dancehall on serving up local drinks + live sounds in the PEC

Posted by Drake, July 14, 2015
Hayloft Dancehall

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The Hayloft Dancehall is serving up local drinks + bringing live sounds to the PEC! Read more about their vision + vibes for the barn and why they fell in love with the county.

DRAKE: What attracted you to open the Hayloft Dancehall in PEC? What interests you the most about the county + what is has to offer?

HAYLOFT: The Hayloft Dancehall is a venue that has been open for almost 50 years here in PEC- it has such a great history and we've heard many stories about how special it is for many people who live here. I visited The Hayloft last summer and loved it, I mean, it's a barn with a bar! Who wouldn't love that!?! I had seen that it was up for sale, and I thought of my old stomping ground in Toronto, The Dakota Tavern, and approached the owners (Shawn Creamer and Shannon Kohlmeier) to check it out. The idea of live music in such a beautiful barn seemed like something a lot of people would enjoy. We've been open for 8 weeks and have had some unforgettable performance and lots of dance parties.
What interests me most about the county is the supportive community and the awe inspiring landscape. The multiple sunset and beach pictures on social media- you just cant help it, it never gets old and it makes us all feel so lucky. It's like no where I've ever lived before. Everyone I've met who lives here is proud to live here. That sense of pride within the community invigorates and innovates. It's an exciting place to be.

Hayloft Dancehall

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DRAKE: Tell us a little bit more about the Hayloft Dancehall barn itself + your vision for it

HAYLOFT: The Hayloft Dancehall is a big beautiful old barn, located on the shores of Lake Ontario around the corner from Sandbanks Provincial Park. The vision that we had for the space is to enhance the natural beauty of the room- the barn board, warm lighting, rustic and historic. For example, Shawn Creamer found an old cow milk pump that was used generations ago in the corner of the barn. He dusted it off and said "This will be our beer taps!" So it's been reconstructed and we have 6 beer lines running through it. Taking what that room has to offer historically and enhancing it's natural charm.

DRAKE: Tell us more about the Hayloft Dancehall vibe + what a night at the hall is like!

HAYLOFT: The Hayloft vibe changes on a nightly basis. We've had some ridiculously beautiful and warm shows with artists like Justin Rutledge and The Skydiggers- they usually play a bit earlier in the evening (till 11 p.m.), we've had Canadian super band The Mounties (Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays, Ryan Dahle) play an unforgettable high energy show that had the audience dancing and singing along. Late night Friday and Saturdays it's all about a big dance party with fun cover bands like Hot Wax Meltdown or a local favourite band The Reasons. We offer shuttle service to and from the venue so that everyone can have a few drinks and dance and get home safe! The shuttle schedule is on our website here.

Hayloft Dancehall

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DRAKE: What is the Hayloft serving up?

HAYLOFT: We have beer, cider, wine and mixed drinks. Locally made items on our menu includes Norman Hardie's wine, Waupoos Winery Cider and MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. beer which is from Bath, ON. At our shooter bar you can find jello shooters, sweet shots and ice cold beer. We have a BBQ out front serving up hot dogs + sausages until 1 a.m. for all those who need a little late night snack. There is also a Hayloft County General store inside where you can purchase snacks, tee-shirts + band merch.

DRAKE: What is your favourite part about the county + tips for people making the trip to PEC?

HAYLOFT: It's hard to pick a favourite part about the county... local wine, cheese and farmers markets are some a few of favourites. The Millennium Trail is great for bird watching, foraging and cycling + the beaches are just beautiful! The local restaurants and food trucks are AMAZING. When you visit the county, ask the person who is giving you the wine tasting at a vineyard or your server at a restaurant where to go and what to do. Speak to those who live and work here- as with anywhere you travel, thats where you get the best tips. Don't be afraid to visit without an agenda- but make sure you book your hotel or B&B, they book up fast. And of course, make a trip to The Hayloft Dancehall!

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