Drake One Fifty's Side Door Special

Posted by Drake, June 30, 2015
side door special

For most of us, boozy business lunches à la Don Draper are simply not a day to day reality with our jam packed work schedules. Of course, if we do have the opportunity to power lunch, there's no where we'd rather be than closing deals over Porch Punch and Cumbrae's ribeyes at Drake One Fifty. For those who do have to eat and run, we've got you covered.
Every Tuesday this summer at Drake One Fifty, we're offering a Side Door Special. For $15, you get a delicious sandwich - think meatball sub or fried chicken in a bun - a summertime drink such as a root beer float or Lime Rickey, and a snack pack of Drake Crunch (our version of Cracker Jack). Toronto Life and Post City loved the idea and we think you will too! Side Door Specials go on sale every Tuesday at 12PM sharp and quantities are limited, so we'd suggest getting there early. The Side Door Special lasts as long as summer does, so get one from the patio side door and eat it in the parkette next to the restaurant - side of Vitamin D included.

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