Postcards From Marrakech

Posted by Drake, June 05, 2015
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Local stylesetter Stefania Yarhi has long trained her eye on the street. Whether its outside the tents of New York Fashion Week or a beach on the coast of Italy, the photographer and writer behind the celebrated Textstyles blog has a stamp-filled passport attesting to her dedicated documentation of international street style.

On June 8, Yarhi will launch Fashion 2.0, a summer talk + mixer series exploring fashion's evolution in the digital world. The first edition will focus on, natch, global street style, and will feature a RSVP Room 222 talk on the very subject with special guests Randi Bergman (Executive Digital Editor of FASHION Magazine), Stephanie Mark (Co-Founder of the Coveteur) and fashion and lifestyle blogger Gracie Carroll. (And since its also the seventh anniversary of Textstyles, a celebration on the Sky Yard.) The monthly event will run in July and August, focusing on e-commerce and the future of fashion blogging, respectively.

Earlier this Spring, Yarhi visited the Moroccan city Marrakech, which may be familiar to any of our guests who have had the chance to visit our much-loved rooftop patio this summer. Below are five snaps from her trip, and commentary on what makes this city such an enduring inspiration.

Postcards from Marrakech 2

Photo courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

"Fishing boats at the port in Essaouira — that perfect cobalt blue gets me every time," says Yarhi. Dubbed the "Wind City of Africa", this seaside surfer town is a two hour drive from Marrakech. It's blustery breeze atttracts many windsurfers, and the carved sandstone and traditional woodworks sold at its souks hints at a flourishing rich arts scene driven by internationall-recognized local autodidactic painters. With its whitewashed houses and deterioriated honey-coloured fornications, Essaouira still retains a charm that first attracted rock stars like Jimi Hendrix back in the 1960s.

Postcards from Marrakech 3

Photo courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

Only in the Red City do you see a djellaba robe next to a statement sweater. "I spotted this couple walking along the ridge beside the sea, and I photographed them as they walked towards me," says Yarhi. "I loved the combination of the old world and new, he stopped to ask me if the photos had turned out and [then] asked "Do we make a beautiful couple?" They'd met earlier that day — he was local and she a tourist from Sweden."

Postcards from Marrakech 4

Photo courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

Another shot from Essaouria, and its narrow winding streets of a souk.

Postcards from Marrakech 5

Photo courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

Fashion has long been inspired by Marrakech, and its psychedelic desert botany lush with bougainvillea, water lillies and cacti. "The entrance to the Jardin Majorelle where Yves Saint Laurent spent a lot of his time," explains Yarhi of the historical garden estate that was gifted to the city by the iconic fashion designer. Laurent first came to the city in the mid-1960s, and fell in love with its rich colours and sophisticated design. Him and his partner, Pierre Bergé, would eventually establish a gorgeous residence where Laurent would retreat to unwind from the pressures of the fashion world.

Postcards from Marrakech 1

Photo courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

"I visited an argan oil women's collective where Moroccan women still make the oil by hand, shucking each nut then grinding them and pressing out the oil," says Yarhi. "This woman stole my heart, we sat and smiled at each other as she tried to teach me how to crack the argan nuts."

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