Posted by Drake, June 26, 2015

Image courtesy of Ted Corrado

Our amazing #DrakeChefs don’t just cook; they compete, travel, hit up industry happenings and take us behind the scenes of our Drake kitchens every #FoodFriday. In today's blog post, Drake One Fifty Chef, Ted Corrado chats with us about his recent trip to San Miguel, Mexico + shares his experience cooking with chef Donnie Masterton!

I recently was invited to cook at a charity event in San Miguel, Mexico. As the story goes, Jeff introduce me to Donnie Masterton, chef of The Restaurant in San Miguel, and proposed to bring him to Toronto to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with The Drake by taking part in our guest chef pop up series.

We enjoyed having Donnie with us so much that we invited him back for a second year. So when he called me up to invite me to come down to San Miguel to help him raise money for the poor in Mexico, the answer was easy.

Donnie had put together an all-star line of guest chefs, Neal Fraser (Top Chef Masters, Redbird Restaurant, LA), Carlo Mirarchi (Robert’s/Blanca, Brooklyn, 50 best Restaurants in the World) to name a few. I’ve always had an open door policy in my kitchens, everyone is welcome.

I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some worId's class chefs. But I’m not gonna lie, the thought of working with this team of chefs had me a little nervous. The first event was for 300 VIP guests. I prepared chicken fried sweatbreads, creamed corn, Korean style hot sauce, and queso fresco. The second event was for 500 people; I roasted five suckling pigs, and made suckling pig pintxo, charred onions, maple + peach chutney.

Both events were a huge success and we raised a lot of money, which was the most important thing. But on a personal note, what really struck me was how the mentality of chefs has changed over my time as a cook. No longer are chefs insular and competitive. I found myself working and collaborating with some of the best in the world, and all voices were heard. Part of the event had all the chefs on a panel discussing this shift in mentality and this notion of chefs collaborating. The common thread in all our responses was that we all have a lot we can offer and learn from each other; that we all worked for some secretive, paranoid, psycho chef at some point in our careers and we didn’t want to be that guy. Having made these connections on this trip, I’m looking forward to having these guys come up to Toronto and spend some time with our Drake family.

At the end of the day, making these connections has made these #chefsofinstagram into colleagues. And even more importantly, I can now call Chef Donnie Masterton, a dear friend.

San Minguel

Image courtesy of Ted Corrado

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