Posted by Drake, May 27, 2015
Jessica Walsh

Image courtesy of Design Kritic

How many people do you know, who have championed a successful career since the tender age of 11? If you've dabbled in or are already well-versed in the world of design, you may have already heard the name Jessica Walsh being casually dropped in conversation. She is, the "it" girl of graphic design, after all. Coding and building websites since her youth, the petite-framed, social-experiment savvy, graphic design giant + art director is one half of NYC-based creative powerhouse design firm, Sagmeister & Walsh - a firm that she was made partner of in her quarter centurieth year. (#lifegoals #whatdidyoudotoday)

Most recently, her social experiment with fellow designer, Tim Goodman, took the world by social media storm. Chronicling a forty-day friendship-to-romance-to-friendship-again experience devised to break some bad dating habits, Walsh and Goodman kept readers on a romantic rollercoaster ride with their entertaining yet vulnerable narrative, 40 Days of Dating, a page-turning will-they-or-won't-they compilation of writings.

With her signature red lips, blunt bangs, and straight, long locks, Walsh effortlessly finesses the fine art of looking like a lady but thinking (and acting!) like a boss... her own boss actually.

40 Days of Dating

Image courtesy of 40 Days of Dating

With a career that makes you question what you've been doing with your entire life and an enviable personal style to match her current professional portfolio and expanding artistic vision, it seems some people just have it all! Check out this short, personal documentary by the living legend herself. Remember the name and familiarize yourself with her art + style; this P.Y.T. is going places.

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