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Posted by Kylie Gionet, March 04, 2015
Sarah Foelske

As a small business owner, designer, art director, crafter and self-described hippy, Sarah Foelske goes by many titles. And, much like her brand Sticks & Stones isn’t about appealing to an exclusively “new age” community, she also, is not about limiting herself to any one role entirely. She wears all the hats.

Splitting her time between Toronto and LA, Sarah’s living situation is somewhat reflective of her business model. She employs that kind of unconventional, west coast idealism through the concept of using crystals, smudge sticks and spirit animals as sources of energy and for inspiration purposes, and then packages her spiritual emblems in a usable way that caters to a more practical, east coast design sensibility. It’s clear that Sarah is one of those designers that really cares about every element of what she is creating for you. And in a marketplace where profit reigns and quality is often diluted, it’s nice to find a brand where the artisan soul still lives on.

DGS: Tell us about Sticks & Stones.

SF: Sticks & Stones is a collection of objects designed for mind, body and heart. I started this project first and foremost to spread a positive message, in a new and creative format, beautifully packaged. However, in doing so I also saw the potential of creating a business out of an eclectic collection of pretty, interesting and useful objects that could be appreciated by more people if they were presented in a more approachable way. It’s really as simple as combining the inspiration and power behind crystals, spirit animals and smudge sticks, while innovating around they way they are packaged and presented, enabling these elements to be appreciated by more than just a new age community.

Sticks & Stones The Protector

KG: I read somewhere that you split your time between Los Angeles and Toronto. So, West Coast or East?

SF: Gosh, that's hard! I love both for different reasons. East coast for the bagels and pizza and west coast for the sunshine. 

KG: How did you get started with Sticks and Stones? And what's the story behind the name?

SF: I started Sticks & Stones to have something that was a pure creative outlet for me. After working in advertising and design for 15+ years, I needed to design outside of the computer and make things by hand. The name just came to me one day. 

KG: Do you have a type of person in mind that you're designing for?

SF: I really design for myself and my friends. People are always looking for gifts with meaning, there's nothing worse than giving a gift without soul. I wanted to make something that I could give my friends that had a little depth.

Sticks & Stones Sets

KG: Inspiration is active. You constantly need to be engaged to experience it. Favourite place to go and get inspired here in Toronto?

SF: Honestly (no joke) Drake General Store provides a ton of inspiration. I try to go every couple of months; the store has a fun energy that is like nothing else in Toronto. I get most of my gifts from the store. I also love MOCCA on Queen, I don't know how they do it, but the exhibits are always great. I love that's it free. I usually go to every exhibit at least twice, I'm sad I won't be in town for the Douglas Coupland show, it looks amazing. Please go for me!

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