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Posted by Kylie Gionet, March 11, 2015
Just Female

Things are happening in Denmark. If you've taken some time to check in with the fashion world as of late, you'll probably find that it’s the Danes that are having the "in vogue" moment right now as far as sartorial conversation goes. Their actors are all over our movie screens; their models are dominating European runways; their fashion bloggers (i.e. Pernille Teisbæk) have morphed into industry "it girls" over night; and as far as their clothing design, let's just say Scandinavian style is setting the tone for the rest of the world when it comes to dressing chic without looking, well, contrived. 

Which is why our upcoming launch of the Copenhagen-based brand Just Female (in Drake General Stores today), might be the just the kind of informal introduction a community like Toronto would appreciate – especially since we’re quite literally, having our own “in Vogue” moment right now.

Just Female 3

Just Female Paper Long Shorts, $146.

Established in 2006, Just Female launched their first collection during fashion week A/W 2007, and has since gone on to sell online, and in boutiques and department stores around the world. Drake General Store is currently the only Toronto-based vendor, and this newly formed relationship is a decidedly appropriate one. Copenhagen and Toronto have been touted by insiders as cultural capitals, with histories that coincide over current trends in food, architecture, design and fashion. It’s clear that we resemble one another on more levels than just one.

Toronto, much like Copenhagen, is home to a savvy consumer base. Maybe that’s a symptom of the size of our city, and the fact that it feels more like a neighborhood here than a boomtown, but we have a vested interest in our heritage. We support local brands and creatives, and as a result we have developed a collective appreciation for craftsmanship over fast-fashion, durability over low-prices, and quality over quantity. While this all makes us different from many larger cities, I think this is where Copenhagen and Toronto are of the same mind. Why? Because if there is one thing the Danes understand, it’s good design. Their matrimony of aesthetics and functionality is something their fashion industry prides itself on, and Just Female is no exception to that rule.

Just Female 4

Just Female Earth Dress in White, $152.

With its clean lines, minimalist style and subtle nod to androgyny, Just Female reflects the archetypal Scandinavian design ethos: effortlessness in dress. The Spring 2015 line adheres to a “less is more” colour palette (or colourless palette) of black and white with some in-betweens, experimenting more when it comes to raw detailing, patterning and textured finishes. Modern wearability is the sentiment, which sounds mildly cliché, but that’s just one thing Danish design is not, and we think it will be interesting to see if Toronto agrees.

Shop Drake General Store's collection of Just Female here

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