Music Monday: Q&A With Pet Suns

Posted by Drake, December 29, 2014

This Music Monday, we sit down with rock 'n' roll band Pet Sun, who also happens to be playing tomorrow night in the Underground for our What's in the Box music fest. Originating from Hamilton, band members Stéphane Senécal-Tremblay on vocals and lead guitar, Parth Jain on drums and Sam Rashid on guitar; have made a solid addition with Nic Arbour on bass.

While relatively new to the Toronto music scene, the group is steadily making a name for themselves. Check out their latest EP, "Feel Like I'm Going Away" and the interview with Stéphane below. And don't miss the chance to check 'em out live- they'll be on stage by midnight.

Have you had any unforgettable shows?
Definitely. We played at the Drake with the Wytches this past summer on my birthday. It was a pretty sweet night. We all got very drunk and the crowd sang me happy birthday!

What bands would you say have influenced Pet Sun’s own sound?
We listen to lots of Sabbath, Nirvana, the Vines and Fuzz.

Describe the bands creative process when coming up with new music?
I write a lot on my own. Once songs really start to come together and I think there is enough to work with, i’ll bring them to the band and we hash them out together. Other times we just jam on an idea and a song forms - the final product in this scenario is usually quite heavy.

What are the bands favourite bars in Toronto? Why?
We’ve enjoyed quite a few beers on the rooftop at the Drake! The Silver Dollar is always wicked. Horseshoe has an A&W pickup window so you can get food and beer - which is sick.

What can we expect from this upcoming Underground performance?
In one word, tinnitus.

What’s next or coming up for Pet Sun?

We just finished recording our first LP. We’re super stoked! Expect lots of new music in the new year. We’re also heading out on tour to USA in February, which will be loads of fun.

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