It's Our 11th Anniversary + We're #DrakeInLove

Posted by Drake, December 20, 2014

She said yes to his proposal in Room 222. They became BFFs after seeing Peaches in the Underground. He surprised him with heart-shaped sushi on their first date...

Over the years, this building has made many memories with our visitors and this anniversary we're feeling super nostalgic. For Drake’s 11th Anniversary which also happens to be Valentine’s Day, we’re feeling the love, even a little reminiscent + your history at the Drake gives us the warm n’ fuzzies. With the help of you and artist-in-residence, Madison van Rijn, we’re painting our whole building pink with your tales of devotion.

Tweet us how you fell #DrakeInLove + you'll find your words hand painted through out the entire building. Our favorite story will be rewarded with a pre-v-day dinner and night’s stay. We're announcing the winner on February 2nd.

If you're around for Brunch on January 11th, stop by Madison van Rijn’s Kissing Booth between 1:30PM-3:30PM and share your #DrakeInLove story, right then and there. Madison is even bringing her typewriter and will write out your romantic recount as a keepsake for you and your special friend - swoon.

Since we're getting to know each other, here's a little more about our artist Madison, who you'll be confessing to; Madison van Rijn is a Toronto based illustrator. She is currently completing her undergrad in Illustration at OCADU. She has recently focused her practice in typography, hand lettering and large scale window treatments. Inspiration is drawn from her most intimate and uninhibited life experiences which are then exposed through text across public canvases - we like her style.


Our pal, Joanna Sarner, happily provided all the details of how she fell #DrakeinLove. We can't wait until you also spill the beans!

"My now husband Jamie and I started our love story at the Drake on the night of my best friends wedding- and she married his best friend. We had met a few years prior and I knew who he was, but that night at the wedding the stars aligned and it was without a doubt that something was going to happen with us. As fate would have it, we both booked rooms at The Drake for that evening, and our rooms were directly across the hall from one another. We partied the night away, and the next morning when I woke up, I sent him a text message to see if he was awake yet. I'll never know where the confidence came from but we ended up sharing some laughs over some room service coffee, and then meeting the wedding group on the Drake rooftop for brunch. A couple Caesars, and a shared cheeseburger later (not at all remotely regular occurrence for me) and everyone around us was certain this was happening.

We have been back many times since, but most relevant would definitely be this past June for our anniversary. We booked the room with no specification, and fate struck again as we were given the same room Jamie stayed in on our friends wedding night.

It was incredibly romantic. We stayed there for the night, and then shared a wonderful brunch at the Sky Yard just the way we did a year before.

Jamie and I got married this past November in Miami, and for a wedding present our friends gave us a night stay at the new Drake Devonshire. So were really excited to check it out."


We're not done yet! We thought we'd tell a few stories that our Special Events team found unforgettable over the years.

Our Sales Manager, Dave Elliot, shares his favourite surprise proposal:
"I hosted an event for a young gentleman from Vancouver who told me that the purpose of the gathering was to propose to his girlfriend. He booked our Private Dining Room 222 and did a total takeover with chocolate covered strawberries, assorted sweets, flowers, a small table for the two to dine and of course champagne – everything was perfect!
When he arrived I asked him how he planned to get her up to the room (it’s a bit out of the way) to which he responded with a doe-eyed stare and no words – he hadn’t gotten that far.
After pretending to be an art aficionado and walking the couple through the entire building talking about the different pieces - we ended at the space planned for the big reveal... He was shaking. She said YES. I see them at least once a year when they come by to say hi".

Our Special Events Manager, Ashley Arvai, has too many memories to count; from when one of our past Events Coordinators played the role of Maid of Honour and the Hotel Manager even stepped in as Best Man for a couple who’s family got trapped in the states due to bad weather, to the widowed couple who met on the Sky Yard, like we mean, bumped right into each other and then three years later got married in the exact same spot they first crashed into one another. Imagine this, one of our brides ripped her dress ( a guest stepped right on it) and Jerry our host, took the disheveled bride-to-be directly to his house up the street and sewed it up for her on the spot. Talk about host with the most!

We just love, love.

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