Staff Spotlight: Wanda Carroll

Posted by Drake, November 26, 2014

Meet local comedian Wanda Carroll, she’s one of our resident bartenders + has a real knack for storytelling. Her true passion lives on stage where she animates and shares stories from the heart in her hilarious fashion. Like a true Newfoundlander, she is always willing to share past experiences in a charming and entertaining way. Here’s what she has to say about being a femme as funny as she is:

So Wanda, we know you love the art of telling stories, but what makes a powerful storyteller to you?

A powerful storyteller is someone who speaks their truth from the heart. An audience can always tell if you are not being truthful with them. As a performer, the audience is always the one to decide if you are funny or engaging. Plus I'm a really bad liar so being honest is the only way I know; I don’t know how to fake it.

What inspired you to start the one woman show, "The Road Less Gravelled"?

Newfoundlanders are natural storytellers. If you ask a Newfoundlander where the store is, they will tell you but it will take fifteen minutes and at the end you will find the store but not before a story is told. Someone once asked me if I ever answered a question with a simple yes or no. It took me five minutes to answer the question, final answer being “No, I don’t”. I have always loved to write. I had a collection of stories I had written about growing up in Northern Newfoundland and I wanted to take it to the stage. I actually work-shopped it for the first time in the Drake Underground in 2004. Since then I have toured it across Canada to many sold out houses. I am hoping to take it to the Orlando Fringe Festival in May 2015. I am also submitting it to a publishing house in Newfoundland.

What is your latest show/project all about?

I am currently working on a couple of projects, I just debuted “Hello America, it’s me Wanda” at Solocom Comedy Festival in New York City. It was well received and I was invited back which is a great honour. I am also writing a new piece called “Hopeless for Humanity, laughing to the bitter end.” I recently performed the first ten minutes of this show for an audience and it went really well. I started a monthly show called Witty Women, which highlights the funny women in comedy. I think comedy has been so dominated by men, it is important to allow funny women to be heard

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Is there a next show coming soon? Any upcoming projects that we can look forward to seeing in the Underground?

YES!! Witty Women will be in the Drake Underground in January 2015! We are building our audience for this monthly show, every month sees more people! The Drake has been super supportive in this process and we, witty women greatly appreciate this!


Check out Wanda's website here.

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