Music Monday: Tory Lanez

Posted by Drake, October 27, 2014


In case you missed it, local musician Tory Lanez recently sold out The Drake Underground and we thought it was a pretty epic show. Tory’s new album dropped on October 1st. It's blowing up + since then the young preacher boy has become a household name around town.

Lanez is no stranger to intimate venues and that became more than clear when we saw him flexing killer MC skills + using the Underground to its full potential. He charmed the crowd to its feet by pumping out some hip-hop staples like House of Pain's, “Jump Around,” then got them dancing with his original sounds like, “Mama Told me.” The performance was short and sweet and definitely left the crowd wanting more. We heard some feedback first hand and that all had something to do with Lanez being “next up” or “about to blow up” - just some of the opinions we were privvy to.

Thankfully, Lanez is planning to do just that. His latest video for The Godfather has solidified his spot on our playlist + it's clear #SWAVENATION is here to stay.

This video was directed by Andrew Hines and it provides a story meant to highlight Lanez's success—it's pretty accurate if you ask us. Taking a page out of everyone’s favourite Mob movie, The Godfather I's book, he's seen as a young Corleone who has finally gained the respect of the neighbourhood.

Lanez was quoted saying “a lot of times it's hard to convince people about what you see in yourself, and I feel like they are a part of what I’m doing because they believe in it just as much as I do.” This statement holds true when we look back to the night + he filled our dance floor.

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