Style icons: The Beckerman Sisters

Posted by Drake, September 24, 2014

September is almost over and that comes along with three major points. 1. Fall is coming 2. Winter is coming 3. layering.

Traditionally layering for the colder weather means, shirt, sweater, coat + we think that’s what it will always be. But bundling up doesn’t have to be boring. There is a way to layer in a way where pattern, texture and colour combine to make some seriously unforgettable outfits. We think the people doing it best are local twins + trend makers Caillianne and Samantha Beckerman.


If you’re the type who’s on top of the trends and need some inspiration—check out their blog these two have their manicured fingers on the pulse of everything fashion. The two are masters pattern assimilation. Certainly no one could accuse their personal style of being shy (they do own a pair of Beavus and Butthead jeans).


Aside from their outsanding taste, we love the fact that they do it with a smile—which sometimes fashion bloggers forget to do. The seemingly unpretentious vibe of their blog make it v. easy viewing + the perfect tool to amp up your wardrobe inspiration.

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