House Party: Meet M-S-D-S Studio.

Posted by Drake General Store, September 19, 2014
MSDS-Studio for Drake General Store

Drake General Store has partnered with Toronto Design Offsite, Designlines & numerous local studios for their latest collection titled House Party. Launched on September 16th online and in all our stores, the collection also features Drake General Store's first ever housewares collection.

Over the next month, we'll be introducing you to the design studios that have created exclusive items for House Party.

M-S-D-S Studio does interior design, product design, prototyping, and fabrication. They specialize in interiors, housewares, furniture, and lighting for commercial, retail, and residential clients. Their work is based on observation, exploration, and intuition, and goals are to create usable, inventive, and lasting objects and environments.

We sat down the the studio to discuss their design process, inspiration for their work + what makes a great house party.

1) Describe your process when starting a new project/piece. What materials do you typically use and where do you source inspiration?

Our process usually begins with a series of sketches over several days, and if a design or sketch still sustains our interest, we know it’s worth expanding on.  We experiment with a lot of materials, but mainly work with metal & wood, (materials and manufacturers that we have access to in the Toronto area).

2) Tell us about your workspace and your work style – is it organized chaos or super tidy? What’s on your desk right now?

Jessica’s more organized chaos, Jonathan likes a super tidy workspace, so usually it’s somewhere in between.

3) Tell us about the piece you created for House Party.

KISS, BLOW, SHAKE Game set.  We were trying to think of playful ‘House Party’ objects, and we liked the idea of introducing a nostalgic element.  The game set includes an updated ‘Spin the Bottle’ kissing game, bubble blower and set of dice.

4) Who is your dream house party guest (living or dead)?

Coolio seems like a lot of fun.

5) In your opinion, what makes a great house party?


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