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TIFF Stanley Kubrick exhibition

Posted by Drake, 3 years ago

This Halloween, TIFF is launching a wicked-cool Stanley Kubrick exhibition, running until January 25, 2015.

Stanley Kubrick ex
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Postcards From Big Sur, California

Posted by Mark S, 3 years ago

This was my third time to Big Sur and my first time realizing it exists more as an idea than a pin on a Google Map.

Mark Sommerfeld

Music Mondays: EMA

Posted by Drake, 3 years ago

We're hosting EMA in our underground September 29th + we think you should prepare yourself for an evening out.

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Pop-Up Dinner w/ Guest Chef Emma Cardarelli of Nora Gray Montreal

Posted by Drake, 3 years ago

This October, Drake One Fifty is hosting a guest chef pop-up w/ Emma Cardarelli of Nora Gray Montreal!

Nora Gray Poster
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Drake One Fifty Turns 1 on October 4th! Nuit Blanche B-Day BBQ

Posted by Drake, 3 years ago

Our baby is getting older! On Nuit Blanche, Drake's middle child, Drake One Fifty, turns 1. We're celebrating this milestone with a Birthday BBQ Bonne Fete in the York Street Parkette, served with a big helping of contemporary art.

dof nuit blanche
Drake Devonshire

Welcome to Drake By the Lake: First Month Update

Posted by Drake, 3 years ago

Waking up early, eating breakfast and preparing yourself for a road trip East can seem like a daunting task—especially with the unavoidable bustle of Toronto traffic. But it’s a different story when your drive takes you to the vineyard lined roads of Wellington, Prince Edward County. This is a trek that many of us on The Drake properties team have taken numerous times. We have to say, it’s something we’ve grown to look forward to (and we hope you will too).