Meet the Illustrator: Paul Dotey Draws Ottawa

Posted by Drake General Store, August 05, 2014
Paul Dotey Illustrator of Drake General Store's Neighbourhood Map of Ottawa

We’re thrilled for the opening of our new outpost in Ottawa (at Hudson’s Bay Rideau Street). To mark the occasion, we partnered with super talented Ontario-based illustrator Paul Dotey to create a Neighborhood Map of Ottawa. Paul has been working in Canadian design for over ten years creating books, maps and illustrations for numerous companies. He also has a mini-shop on his site where he posts hand silk-screened prints for sale.

We caught up with Paul in the east end of Toronto at one of his favourite spots, Riverdale Park to discuss his process, productivity, art + more.

Describe your process when starting a new project/piece. What materials do you typically use and where do you source inspiration?

I always start my projects with a pencil or brush. I can’t rely on my computer when my ideas are still soft in my head. For inspiration, I try to source my own ideas - doodled bits in my sketchbook, colour palettes that excite me; anything that’s been knocking around my head for a while that I haven’t been able to put to use.

When did creating art become important to you?

There were always art supplies in my house growing up; art wasn’t a pastime, it was something my family always did for a living. So I don’t know when art became important, it was just normal.

When are you most productive?

I’m most productive when I can turn off all the noise around me and hunker down in my studio; in other words, not as often as I’d like.

Tell us about your favourite memory visiting our nation’s capital?

When I was probably twelve my family went for a weekend in the winter - we skated on the Rideau Canal, ate a beaver tail, but what I remember the most was staying at the Westin downtown. It was the fanciest place I’d ever been in and I felt like a big shot.

What are you currently obsessed with?

Current music obsessions are Sia and John Newman. Design-wise, I’m really curious about risograph printing; it’s like high-end photocopying and I’m hoping it’s going to be my next big thing…. oh, and the new Adidas C-10 hi-tops. They’re gorgeous.

Any last words?

Last words? Buy more Canadian art!!

DGS Neighbourhoods of Ottawa Collection

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