He said/She said: Drake Staffers' Blood Orange Concert Review

Posted by Drake, August 04, 2014
Blood Orange Band

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Dev Hynes has had a notable year, for better or worse it appears. This guy has a very interesting back story, already making the NME’s list for ‘coolest person in rock’ all the way back in 2007; Dev Hynes has been making even bigger moves since. He has done it all, from being in a band called Test Icicles, touring with Florence + The Machine, co writing and producing for artists such as Theophilus London, Sky Ferreira and Solange (Twitter induced fallout with Bey’s sister included). In more recent times, a GoFundMe account was launched by his girlfriend’s mother in order to raise funds for the couple; following the loss of their New York apartment – including their pup, Cupid. Just last week the story broke of Hynes and girlfriend, Samantha Urbani, apparently being assaulted at Lollapalooza; it seems that the Blood Orange front man has quite the past, present and future to pay attention to.

Marketing Specialist for Drake General Store, Daniel Okorn and Marketing Coordinator at The Drake Hotel, Lindsey Cepek went to the July 30th show at The Danforth Music Hall; we did a quick Q+A with the pair and here’s their review of the buzz worthy Blood Orange performance.

Blood Orange band

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Are you a Blood Orange fan?

DO: I am. I have been a fan of Dev Hynes since his Lightspeed Champion project. Came to Blood Orange late via first album Costal Grooves + instantly fell in love with Cupid Deluxe’s sexy R&B vibe on first listen. It soundtracked my trip to Cayo Santa Maria last winter, we played it on the beach everyday.

LC: No, not really. I’d heard so much about Cupid Deluxe since its release last November, but I really missed the boat on any of his earlier stuff. They are very talented musicians, without a doubt; just not my jam.

Three words that describes Blood Orange.

DO: Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

LC: Return of ‘92.

Have you seen the band live before?

DO: Nope, not Blood Orange. I did see Dev on the Lightspeed Champion tour, think it was at the Horseshoe. Years ago.

LC: This was my first Blood Orange show.

Favourite Blood Orange track?

DO: I can’t pick one. I love "Time Will Tell", "It Is What It Is", "Sutphin Boulevard", "Forget It" + "Clipped On".

LC: I’ll go with "It Is What It Is". I did find this piece entitled "Anxiety" that Dev Hynes performed for The Lost Lectures at the Knockdown Centre in Queens very interesting. The 15 minute performance captures his combined struggles with anxiety and the impact of also having Synesthesia. It’s melodic and very intense at times, layered and unsurprisingly animated.

Blood Orange is known for making very few live performances. Did they deliver?

DO: Totally. Though the mix seemed off for the first couple songs from where I was standing, they totally pulled things together. His band was amazing, especially his female vocalist.

LC: I agree with Dan. It was a rocky start for the first few tracks but as the show went on both the sound quality and vocals improved.

What was your highlight of the night?

DO: Dev’s sweet dance moves which I hope to master soon + multiple saxophone samples.

LC: When Dev Hynes showed up to Bambi’s karaoke night + sang "In Da Club" by 50 Cent.

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