Music Monday: Ages and Ages

Posted by Drake, July 07, 2014
Ages and Ages

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Divisionary, the newest album from Ages and Ages, was born out of a lot of grief and sadness. Many of the band members went through personal hardships but their creative light turned those hardships into melodies. Frontman Tim Perry has said that a lot of the album's songs came to fruition during a 10 day meditation retreat. Divisionary is filled with hand-clapping, uplifting songs. They all have a nice little moral or message, wrapped in optimistic lyrics and joyful harmonies. Ages and Ages takes the stage on Sunday, July 20 at 8pm. Check out our favourite track, "Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)". We can guarantee you'll be humming it all day long.

We're so smitten by this live version that we had to share it with you as well. Ages and Ages invited their friends and family to join them in this live, heart warming rendition.

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