Meet PHOX: A few minutes with Monica Martin

Posted by Drake, July 18, 2014
PHOX the band

After watching PHOX’s undeniably feel-good video for "Slow Motion" off their self-titled debut album complete with confetti, sunshine and a sextet of musically minded friends; we were hooked. Just imagine our excitement when we found out that they’re set to play in our Underground on July, 29th. Lead vocalist, Monica Martin took the time to answer a few questions for us as we await this impending dance-along.

How would you describe PHOX in three words?

Experimental. Circus. Swoon.

You’ve already had an aggressive touring schedule this summer. What’s your favourite music venue memory thus far?

We've been having a fantastic tour so far. I'm going to go ahead and say that playing a sold out "The Chapel" show in San Francisco was absolutely incredible.

Bowling with Matt Holmen in Madison, Wisconsin is essentially where the music began. Have you had the chance to hit up any great alleys along the way?

Not since being on tour, but we had a pretty killer night of bowling in our hometown, Baraboo. Thunderbird Lanes!

What’s something no one knows about being a musician?

One thing that continues to surprise even myself, is how connected musicians are. If you're playing music, there's a good chance you are one or two degrees away from a band or musician you practically worship. And you'll never stop running into bands that you meet! It's a fun and bizarre world.

Dream musician to perform with?

There are so many, but we were jamming to some Fiona Apple in the green room, and how amazing would it be to perform with her!

We heard you’re on the hunt for a hearse – what other finds have you picked up while on the road?

We tend to do some pretty good damage at truck stops. Highlights so far are 9 matching Quizno's trucker hats, and a giant, multi-colored, stuffed caterpillar.

Toronto and Montreal are your only Canadian dates and the TO stop is with us in the Drake Underground; we like that – Is this your first visit and are looking forward to any particularly Canadian activities while you’re here?

This will actually be our third time in Toronto, though our first headline show. I think we've made pre-show poutine a thing, so we are definitely looking forward to that.

City you’re most excited to visit?

I swear this isn't for brownie points, but I think Toronto is definitely one of the most exciting cities on the tour. We all love it there!

Phox the band

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