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Posted by Drake General Store, June 27, 2014
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“There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.” – Nick Wooster

That’s easy for ‘The Woost’ to say. This fashion week fixture + previous Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman embodies impeccable taste. With his handlebar moustache, tattoo sleeves + dandy style, Nick Wooster has been dubbed the “street style demi-god”, making photogs rush to capture his every (amazing!) look. What makes Wooster’s style so inspirational + ionic you ask? It comes down to his ability to mash prints, colours + proportions with the utmost of restraint. The result is always an undeniably cool look, which frankly would leave the average person walking around looking like a fool.

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While Wooster, (full name: Nickelson Wooster) has a look that is uniquely his own, there are several sartorial standards every guy can take into consideration.

For starters, fit is everything. You would never find Mr. Wooster in an ill-fitting suit + it’s for that reason alone he can pull off his more outlandish looks. His ability to mix patterns + silhouettes comes from the fact that his pieces look like they were tailored just for his body. Case in point, his signature of mixing shorts with a blazer jacket. Shorts suit? Somehow the combination is completely modern + chic on Wooster.

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Speaking of suits, Wooster is known for sticking to a neutral colour palette when it comes to this menswear basic. Opt for navy, grey or black + add a punch of colour in your accessories. “If you're going to play with colour start with one. If you're wearing yellow, everything else should be navy and grey,” says Wooster. Exhibit A: neutral suit, yellow shoes.

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Finally, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous + have the swagger to pull it off – something Wooster obviously oozes – take this piece of advice from the man himself: “subscribe to the notion of the sartorial mullet—stay tailored up top and less buttoned up on the bottom. I love funny pants.”

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