Music Monday: A Club Called Rhonda

Posted by Drake, June 23, 2014
A Club called rhonda

Over here at the Drake Hotel, we've been so honoured to host some incredible World Pride Celebrations. We're not ones to play favourites but A Club Called Rhonda has a special place in our hearts and we'd have to say they're the most exciting part of our World Pride Festivities! These party makers have recently been jet-setting all over the world. After stops in NYC, Paris, Tokyo and Miami, A Club Called Rhonda returns to Toronto on Thursday, June 26th for a beautifully blinding spectacle of sex and self-expression. Come take part in a three floor takeover of the entire Drake Hotel for an epic, polysexual house and disco dance extravaganza. Be sure to dress to the nines for this event - the wilder the better!
See you on the dance floor b*tches!

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