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Posted by Drake, June 11, 2014

We know it’s a hustle working as a creative in this city, but who says you can’t stay on the grind while chilling on the Sky Yard? This Sunday, we launch the first installment of #HUSTLEHARD, an event series hosted by local journalist Anupa Mistry. (You've probably seen her byline in The Grid, Spin, and Rookie.) For this inaugural event — which is presented in partnership with Hazlitt — Anupa has invited a group of great literary minds from our prodigious city, putting them in the same room with... you! #HustleHard is your opportunity to network with other freelancers, meet people in your field, listen + learn from our panellists, all while enjoying some of our delicious Drake cocktails. To familiarize yourself with the guest speakers for this week, we asked Anupa to put together a little required reading with some commentary providing the low-down on each of our guests:

  1. Navneet Alang, Globe and Mail, Information Overload, and Why Email Newsletters Made a Comeback.
    "Nav is super smart and brings some empathy and humanism to tech writing, which I've never really encountered before."

  2. Denise Balkissoon, The Walrus, A Curfew for Men.
    "Denise is so good at writing about really tough things in a way that is very 'DUH', without being condescending or annoying, which is rare. Also she has taught me everything I know about the business of being a freelancer."

  3. Megan Griffith-Greene, This Magazine, Fight the Small Fights.
    "I admire people who use their writing to broach interesting issues, but also put those politics into practice IRL, which is what Megan did when she was editor at Shameless.

  4. Nicholas Hune-Brown, Toronto Life, Mixie Me.
    "I didn't agree with everything Nick touched on in "Mixie Me," but it was a piece that is crucial to opening up the ways we think about the future of 'multicultural' Toronto."

  5. Haley Mlotek, The Awl, The Very Necessary Death Of "Vogue".
    "Haley is a supergenius who can common sense-ify the ideas that dominates Twitter at its most hyperbolic stream-of-nonsense extreme, as if its nothing."

  6. Emily M. Keeler, The New Inquiry, Real Inauthentic Like. "Emily does tons of thoughtful writing for others, but she has also created her own place for others to bring their ideas and congregate with Little Brother."

  7. Kelli Korducki, Chart Attack, UNCHARTED: Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq talks Animism, Pixies and #Sealfies
    "Kelli can write about anything, really, but I love reading her when she's gets into it with art "outsiders" like in this piece on Tanya Tagaq. You can tell she's truly into what she's writing about - we need more people like that."

  8. Holly MacKenzie, Grantland, Q&A: Arron Afflalo on Kendrick Lamar, His Compton Roots, and the Magic’s Surprising Season.
    "So women are totally, obviously, into sports, but I don't know if they are always taken seriously as sports writers. Holly has guts to tread in a lane that is so overwhelmingly dude-dominated. I Don't Know How She Does It."

  9. Vivek Shraya, The Ethnic Isle, God Lives in India.
    "Vivek is also a self-published hustler (and a singer!) who mixes the personal and political in his writing."

  10. Isabel Slone, Buzzfeed, 25 Times Fashion “Borrowed” From Art.
    "Isabel isn't afraid to be silly with her writing or tackle big assignments (like interviewing Simon Doonan) - things I wish I was better at when I was a young writer."

  11. Jaime Woo, Huffpost, Is Grindr a Slot Machine in My Pocket?
    "Jaime is hilarious, never afraid of talking about weird things, and he somehow managed to published a book whilst running a festival called GamerCamp. I Don't Know How He Does It."

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