Experiencing Sky Yard Art Garden

Posted by Drake, June 04, 2014
Luke Ramsey Sky Yard Art Garden

Patrons enjoy the Sky Yard Art Garden underneath Luke Ramsey's "Weathered Or Not?" mural. Photo: Connie Tsang

Drake's Sky Yard Art Garden will feed your mind, body and soul with a communal outdoor space, yet again setting the bar for cultural rooftop experiences.

Inspired by the exceptional public sculpture collections in the MOMA’s (Museum of Modern Art) Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden and Jardin des Tuileries, the Drake commissioned two new murals from artists Micah Lexier and Luke Ramsey, as well as enlivened familiar Sky Yard spaces with artful touches. Henceforth, a tour!

Luke Ramsey SY Mural Full Shot

Luke Ramsey's just-completed Sky Yard east wall mural. Credit: Marra Katz

"This piece was created during a mix of weather patterns- bright hot sunshine, cool clouds, wind and heavy rain," states Luke Ramsey in his recently-posted artist statement regarding his east wall mural, "Weathered Or Not?". The Pender Island, B.C.-based artist is known for his detailed drawing-within-a-drawing gestures of fantastically comical creatures that look like they're straight out of a sci-fi tableau. For this commission, Ramsey went for a baseball cap-wearing man full of contradictions: is he inhaling or exhaling the clouds? Are those maze-like patterns lines of age or brain matter? Ultimately, Ramsey was just as inspired by the changing and ever-so-complex Toronto skyline, creating a work that both Sky Yard guests and Queen Street West passerbys looking up above can enjoy. (For further information regarding Ramsey's mural, click here for our interview with him during the install.)

The #thisknownplace mirror salon

The #thisknownplace mirror salon. Photo: Connie Tsang

Moving further along, our east wall communal now feature a mirror salon colourfully decorated with vinyl frames that feature Modern art gestures and Op Art print. For guests looking to be both artist and muse, feel free to snap and share your selfies or portrait commissions via the #thisknownplace hashtag on Instagram. (Or, tag us: @thedrakehotel.

The Cynar Fizz

The Cynar Fizz. Photo: Connie Tsang

And have we mentioned the new summer drinks menu? Concocted by our world-class bartenders, we're definitely looking forward to having a sip of the Cynar Fizz, a drink that blends gin, prosecco, and muddled cucumcumber with Cynar, an artichoke-based Italian bitters liqueur.

Micah Lexier Mural

Micah Lexier's new mural. Photo: Connie Tsang

Would you believe this is Micah Lexier's fourth mural commission? On the west wall, this new text-based work is incredibly meta, making its process literally its subject.

"I was interested in that piece because it calls attention to the creative process, and how for some artists, their process and the production of their work is essentially the same thing," explains head of cultural programming Mia Nielsen.

Art History Wall

The art history salon wall. Photo: Connie Tsang

Underneath Micah's mural and the hanging globe terrariums filled with succulents, a lesson in art history's myriad of movements and artists can be found. Pages literally ripped from the books have been collaged thematically across the brick wall, in an salon style hanging referencing the historic Salon de 1855.

Strawberry Fields

Left: a detail shot of an art history frame. Right: the Strawberry Fields cocktail. Photo: Connie Tsang

Debating Dennis Hopper's impact on the 1960s West Coast art scene, or the relational finer points between Warhol and Basquiat? Please don't mind if we recommend the Strawberry Fields, a cocktail that mixes strawberry schnapps with a touch of brandy and soda water.

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